Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resources

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Vanessa Siddle Walker
Segregation-era black educators set the groundwork for an equitable and aspirational education system for all. How can we get back to their vision?


Dena Simmons
Educators have an obligation to confront the harm of racism, says one social-emotional learning expert. She shares five steps educators can take to teach for an antiracist future.
Baruti Kafele
Baruti Kafele provides attendees with strategies for maintaining leadership effectiveness during what will likely be the greatest challenge that they will ever encounter in their leadership careers.
Anthony Rebora
Educators need to ensure that students of color see themselves as part of the picture, says the renowned psychologist and author.
Paul Gorski
Students experiencing racism can't wait for schools to move at their own pace and comfort level.
Matthew R. Kay
A founding father's short-sided views on race challenges educators to consider how black people are reflected in curricula.
Dena Simmons
Students live in a world wrestling with injustice. By designing social-emotional learning experiences that question and confront inequity, educators give students the skills to navigate (and ultimately change) an unjust world.


Articles from Educational Leadership Magazine

Separate and Still Unequal: Race in America's Schools / April 2019