Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources

General Resources & Travel Restrictions

This site has general information on the coronaviruses, a video, and an infographic about preventing the spread of  viruses. 

All schools look to this site when they are taking school trips as a basic risk management step.

These resources are especially valuable if your school has community members who have travel plans to China.

This is probably the best U.S. site on the virus. It covers symptoms and diagnosis, transmission, and prevention and treatment. It also has travel updates.

 NJ State Resources

Coronavirus Hotline, open 24 hours:  1-800-222-1222

Supporting the Emotional Well-Being of Students

NJ Dept of Health

with many updates and links

Local NJ Public Health

Relative Data


Student Travel Resources

How to think about travel with students during travel related health warnings and political high times.

Engaging community in risk management and how to balance news media, facts, and school mission.


Preparation Resources

Includes specific guidance for schools before and after their areas are identified as having an outbreak.


Online Learning Resources

This organization has had a number of schools move to a completely online environment in the wake of the pandemic. 

 Remote Learning Resources that you and your staff will find useful...


Business Continuity

Lays out the three most likely scenarios and outlines steps businesses should be considering, including ensuring financial liquidity sufficient to weather the storm.

Discusses the wider global effects of the virus on the global economy, including on regular goods that will impact the efficient operations of other industries. 

Pandemic Planning

Aimed primarily at schools and childcare centers focused on pandemic flu planning.

A thorough toolkit approach, complete with checklists and helpful direction.

Talking with Kids and keeping busy



Includes an overview of helpful internal policies, communications considerations, and safety steps.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Public information on association websites to collect information for members.

Deep Cleaning Companies

This website lists certified deep cleaning companies in NJ