Women in Leadership



Institute for Female Leaders in Education


For: Women who are current school administrators and women who aspire to move into school leadership roles and have a minimum of 3-5 years of professional experience.


Offered in alternating years, this Institute serves to promote personal and professional growth for current and aspiring female school leaders.  The program will be reflective, collaborative, and connective, leveraging the strengths of each member of the cohort.  With facilitation by veteran school leaders, consultants, and other women in leadership, we will navigate topics that challenge women on a path to leadership roles in schools. 


This five-part series will include:


Block 1: The Double Bind

This introductory session will be a reflective day to build cohesion as a cohort and set goals for the program.  It will bring focus and voice to the special and unique experiences of women in educational leadership, challenge institutional bias, learn skills and strategies to enhance you effectiveness as a female leader, and empower and enlighten others around these issues.  In particular, we will discuss how current ways of school leadership can put women in a "double bind" with real consequences to our feelings of efficacy and success.  This will lead us to strategies to address these issues while celebrating and maintaining our authentic selves and preferred leadership approach.  

Block 2: The Inkblot

This session will focus on giving and receiving feedback in order to evolve and advocate.  How can we utilize an "area for growth" rather than let it be the sole inkblot that stains an entire jar full of strengths?  Additionally, this session will introduce tools to give feedback in a constructive and productive manner, without skirting an issue or sidelining our own needs.

Block 3: Scope and Sequence

School leadership has a scope and sequence that is mystifying to many.  This block will provide a framework to understanding school finances and other areas of school functions.  We will also reflect upon sequencing the balance of personal and professional self-care. 

Block 4: Shadowing Experience

Seeing leaders in action is often the best learning experience.  This block will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time to shadow a current female school leader.

Block 5: Final Lunch

This final cohort experience will include a keynote presentation, reflection, and creation of an action plan.