Trustee Enrichment Day


Trustee Enrichment Day

For: Trustees, Heads of School, and School Administrators


Saturday, January 21, 2023; 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

For: Independent School Trustees, Heads of School, and School Leadership Teams

*Note:  Most sessions at NJAIS Trustee Enrichment Day will be recorded and recordings will be available to registered attendees ONLY.*


NJAIS' annual Trustee Enrichment Day is a benchmark event for new and experienced Trustees. This is a valuable opportunity for administrators and Trustees alike to experience a broad range of speakers and workshops to support strong governance for our schools.

This year’s program features Antonio Viva, educator, researcher, artist, leader, and executive coach, presenting on the topic of Scanning the Landscape - How to Assess Global Risks at the Local Level. 


Other sessions include:

A Master Plan: The Link Between Strategic Planning, Master Planning, and the Future of Your School

Gender Inclusive School Policies and Practices

Governance Foundations

Hot Legal Issues:  Identifying and Avoiding the Land Mines, Grenades, and Litigation

How to Ace Your Accreditation and the Board’s Role in the Process

Managing Up: The Key to an Effective Partnership Between the Head of School and Board of Trustees

Recession, Inflation, and Fundraising

Risk Management

Shifting from Status Quo Tuition Setting to Long-Term Sustainability Strategy

Strategic Resilience

Succession Planning,  Organizational Leadership, and Transitions

Gender Inclusive School Policies and Practices

Supporting Your Head of School - The Board’s Only Employee

Teacher Shortages: Hiring, Retention Efforts, and Salary Expectations

The Strategic Board’s Role in Admission and Marketing Communications

Trends in Independent School Financial Accessibility

What Every Board Needs to Know about Enrollment


Thank you for your participation in our 2023 Trustee Enrichment Day experience! 

Save the date for the 2024 Trustee Enrichment Day ~ Sunday, January 28, 2024!