Trustee Enrichment Day


Trustee Enrichment Day

For: Trustees, Heads of School, and School Administrators


Saturday, 23 January 2021

9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.



NJAIS Trustee Enrichment Day is an annual event for new and experienced Trustees. It is a different program each year.  This is a valuable  opportunity for administrators and Trustees alike to experience a broad range of speakers and workshops to support strong governance for our schools.  

The 2021 program features keynote speaker Jeff Shields, President and CEO of the National Business Officers Association (NBOA) speaking on "Effective Financial Governance for Independent School Trustees” that will include pricing and sustainability issues, an important topic for Trustees as fiduciaries. 


Other topics include:

The Board’s Role in Community Engagement During a Pandemic
Top Legal Risks For Trustees
The Board’s Role in Diversity, Equity, and Justice Discussions
Admissions Trends for NJ Schools
The Board’s Role in Fundraising 
And More!

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We will also offer a series of Seminars for Ongoing Learning in School Governance.  These topics will include:

Trustee 101 (completed)
Supporting Heads of School: Avoiding Burnout (completed)
Budgeting in COVID Times; Wednesday, November 18

Long-Range Financial Planning; Wednesday, January 27
A Solid Marketing & Advertising Plan Can Persevere During a Crisis; Thursday, January 28
Small School Governance; Sunday, January 31
Operational Excellence in Response to Risk Management Needs; Wednesday, February 10

Board Chairs and Heads Workshop; Thursday, February 11
School Investigations; Sunday, February 21
Cybersecurity; Wednesday, March 3

Maintaining or Returning to a Strategic Focus; Saturday, March 21


Stay tuned for more information regarding these seminar offerings!