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Rabbi Eliezer Rubin
Head of School
Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy/Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School
Livingston, New Jersey.

"From the moment we inquired about receiving accreditation from NJAIS, the professional staff responded with alacrity and demonstrated genuine interest in our school and community. The NJAIS team was supportive and respectful and provided the guidance we needed to launch our school’s first accreditation process. Members of the professional staff were always available to help us strategize about each aspect of the self-study and gave us the confidence and encouragement we needed to undertake this Herculean and critical self-evaluation.

The Self-Study enabled us to honestly examine our commitment to academic excellence, assess our fidelity to our mission, and put to the test if our self-perception was aligned with our professional practice. Preparing the Self-Study was professionally exhilarating. Teams of faculty cohered around fundamental questions of efficacy and discussed the goals and objectives of every aspect of school life. The conversations generated by the Self-Study created a new narrative for our community and brought to the surface many connections teachers share from across divisions, despite their disparate roles within our school community.

The Visiting Team included a broad range of experts who were ready and prepared to examine all aspects of school life. With the Self-Study in hand, they diligently and judiciously examined every part of our school program. During the visit, they comported themselves with dignity and grace and respectfully engaged all major stakeholders of the school. The Visiting Team was delightful, positive, and enthusiastic. Members of our school community were honored by the impressive and highly regarded members of the visiting committee.

The entire process, start to finish, was transformative for the school and the conclusions reached by the committee will shape our strategic plan for professional growth and institutional improvement for the next five years. I strongly endorse our sister independent schools to engage in the accreditation process with NJAIS."

Donald Reilly, O.S.A.
Saint Augustine Preparatory School
Richland, NJ

"Accreditation is a process by which a school evaluates its own educational program in light of its mission and the community it serves. Grounded in a two-year process, the Prep’s Self-Study was a valuable one, enabling the school to pursue clearly defined goals for future growth. The standards set by NJAIS facilitated meaningful self-assessment. The collegial feedback of the Visiting Team reminded us to give back, to pass on to others what so many have given to us. Our association with NJAIS since 2010 has enabled the Prep to encourage, advance, assist, and sustain the quality and integrity of learning at our school."


Jon Brougham
The Hun School of Princeton

"From start to finish, the NJAIS accreditation process was a refreshing boon to our School community.  Not that it was a small effort!  But its flexible, common-sense structure allowed us to reflect on areas most germane to our improvement – a contrast with other, more bureaucratic accreditation protocols in the independent school world.  The NJAIS staff was constantly available for friendly guidance and support.  And the accreditation team visit was conducted with remarkable professionalism, collegiality, and respectful understanding of our School’s mission and values.  The final accreditation report hit the marks in both affirming our successes and in propelling our further efforts for years to come." 

Steve Loy
Head of School
Rutgers Preparatory School

"Perhaps the blessing I appreciated most from the accreditation process was the feeling of pride all our constituents felt by being involved in the Self-Study.  The opportunity to engage in significant conversation with faculty, trustees, parents, and students, about aspects of the school that too often are unexamined because of our daily responsibilities, was stimulating.  The re-connections and new connections that were forged during these discussions remain in place, and have made us all more aware and more appreciative.

In addition to this palpable sense of pride within our community about who we are and what we do, the accreditation process truly allowed the peers on our Visiting Team the opportunity to assist us to envision what we can become.  The individual and collective perspectives that the Visiting Team provided were gracious and profound.

Even though the accreditation process requires significant time and attention at a time when schools may not feel there is any to spare, the benefits for our community have been remarkably significant."


John Green
Head of School
The Peddie School

"Serving on a NJAIS accreditation team for the first time last fall, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my service would ultimately prove to be one of the most valuable professional development experiences of my career.  I was also struck by how much a collegial, collaborative, and caring team of outside educators could instruct each other while at the same time devoting themselves to the improvement of one of their fellow independent schools.  I highly recommend the NJAIS accreditation process and urge other Heads to serve on visiting teams."


Sharon Dreese
Head of School
Haddonfield Friends School 

"In a nutshell, NJAIS is a class act, and the whole accreditation process has been an incredible experience for Haddonfield Friends School.  Not only were we inspired by the team's report, but the Action Plan left us poised for stragegic thinking."  



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