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Educational Articles in the News


16 April 2014

Serious Reading Takes A Hit From Online Scanning and Skimming, Researchers Say

Raising a Moral Child

Public vs Private Schools

Northfield Mount Herman School Drops Football

Encouraging Helicopter Parents

Catholic Schools Court Chinese Students, and Their Cash

Foreign Students Help Boost Enrollment At Private Day Schools

Facing Race Issues in the Classroom

Studies Offer Practical Ways to Bring “Growth Mindset” Research to Schools

Pointing to Your True North

Got Lice, Come On In!

Why the SAT Drives Us N.U.T.S!

College Classes Use Arts To Brace for Climate Change

Ivy League Acceptance Rate:  Eight-Point Something

Best, Brightest, and Rejected

One and Done:  Many Applications To Selective Colleges Get Just One Single Read

What You Don’t Know About Financial Aid But Should

Out in Front, and Optimistic, About Online Education

Colleges Increasing Spending on Sports Faster Than on Academics, Report Finds

What Suffering Does

Happiness and Its Discontents

Waldorf School and “No-Tech Approach” in Lower School

Knowledge Motivates Preschoolers More Than Stickers

When Not to Speak Your Second Language To Your Child

Parental Involvement Is Over-rated

Teaching As A Second Act, Or Maybe a Third

Millenials At Work:  Young and Callow Like Their Parents

Program Gets Students Into the Swing of Ballroom Dance

Students Learning Professional Etiquette

New Jersey Schools Can Bring Bullies to Court

6 April 2014

Is It Possible To Teach Children To Be Less Prejudiced?

Born Gritty

Small-Fry Family Foundations

Advice for a Happy Life by Charles Murray

Duckworth TED Talk on Key To Success

Schools Are Doling Out Suspensions Like Tic Tacs.  Ways To Keep Kids in the Classroom

Schools Must Adapt to Innovative Changes

Transforming The Way We Learn:  What to Study Now To Prepare for 10 Years From Now

Teachers Must Teach Technology Skills

The Three E’s of the Technology Revolution:  eCommerce, Entrepreneurship, and Education

The 55 Best Free Education Apps for iPads

Make Chromebooks Work Smarter in the Classroom

Why Playing Minecraft Might Be More Healthful For Kids Than TV

How To Infuse Digital Literacy Across the Curriculum

Can Schools Be Held Accountable Without Standardized Tests?

US Students Strong at Problem-Solving But Trail Other Nations

The Employer’s Creed

Our Crazy College Crossroads

Families and College Costs

Music School Rankings (ugh!)

Student Accepted to All Ivy League Schools Gives Tips for Success (music!)

College Essay from High School Senior Admitted to All Ivies

Appealing to a College For More Financial Aid

Three Books To Help You Form Better Habits, Be More Creative, and Think Like a Leader

How Leaders Can Energize Others

Spring Cleaning for Your Leadership

The Path To Leadership Is Rarely What You Think

The Question Every Leader Asks

Why Fostering A Culture of Compassion in the Workplace Matters

What I Learned from Teaching

12 Cultural Trends (apply to schools, too.)

How Pixar Gets Movies Right

Her First, and Last, Book

The Billionaires MBA

Why Every World Map You’re Looking At Is Wrong

Cultural Studies:  The Found Art of Thank-You Notes

HS:  State Needs A Transfer Rule That Satisfies All

Ranney Sports in the News


31 March 2014

And Don’t Help Your Kids With Their Homework

The Overprotected Kid

This is Not Your Father’s STEM Job

Which College and Which Major Will Make You the Richest

Stressed Out About College Admissions?  At Least You’re Not Lincoln’s Kid

Why Fundraising is Fun

Yes!  Private Schools Beat Public Schools

Toward A Pill That Helps Us Learn As Fast As Kids

Change Your Type Font and Save Millions

Social Media App That Led to Bomb Threats Now Blocked at Many Middle and Upper Schools

Teaching Resilience:  Attention

Top Resources for Primary School Science

How to Infuse Digital Literacy Throughout the Curriculum

How Technology Will Change Work

Deeper Learning:  Student Collaboration

How To Teach About Environmental Awareness For Earth Hour

How Businesses Use Your SAT

Grammar’s Great Divide:  The Oxford Comma

It Was the Best of Sentences...

Brain Changes Suggest Autism Starts in the Womb

How To Think About the Risk of Autism (article by Sam Wang, Princeton Professor)

The Most Important Question You’ll Ever Ask

How Leaders Can Energize Others

Craft An Aligned Team Through Desired Behaviors

Should NJ Opt Out of the Common Core?

Should a School Tell Your Kid He or She is Fat?

Peter Lewis (NJAIS Board and Head of Winston School) in the News


28 March 2014

Some Common Misconceptions About Paying For College

Maze of College Costs and Aid Programs Trap Some Families

The Problem of More:  Scaling Up Excellence

Six Traits Effective Managers Have

Win By Losing:  Seven Bad Communication Habits to Shed

Leadership:  How To Get From Good To Great

Be a Mindful Leader:  Slow Down to Move Faster

Seven Self-Awareness Techniques To Make You a Better Leader

10 Critical Leadership Battles

70% of Time Could Be Better Used:  How the Best CEOs Get the Most Out of Every Day

10 Ways To Say Yes To Saying No

How To Motivate Your Team To Start Thinking Creatively

What is the Future of Work?

How the Post-It Note Could Become the Latest Innovation

The Drugging of the American Boy

Is the World More Depressed?

Autism Spectrum Disorder Up by 30% from 2012

This is the World Teachers Must Adapt To:  Seven Ways Teaching Has Changed

Modifying the Flipped Classroom:  The “in-Class” Version

Four Ways To Make Your Class More Engaging

New Insight Into How Children Learn Math

Fine Motor Activities for Preschoolers

Elementary Financial Literacy:  Lessons and Resources

Parents,  Chill Out!

Angry Kids:  Dealing with Explosive Behavior

Keep It Short

Is Wikipedia Really Such a Bad Research Tool for Students?

Doing What Comes Naturally

The Latest on Online Learning

Different Educational Tech Models

How To Build a Rock-Solid Blended Learning Infrastructure

McGraw Hill Education Evolves with New Technology

Games Students Play in NYC

Using Social Media to Connect with Older Donors

It’s Never Been About Education for the NCAA

Are Exclamation Marks Killing Us with Kindness?


24 March 2014

Rethinking Independent Schools in the 21st Century

20 Crucial Terms Every 21st Century Futurist Should Know

Knowledge Pills, Robo-Graders, Brain Implants, and other Dystopian Edtech

Grace in Disagreement:  Brene Brown’s Ten Guidelines for Engaged Feedback

Noodle Education Search and John Katzman

A Different Way to Give College Admissions Tests

Does Teaching Kids To Get Gritty Help Them Get Ahead?

The Five Habits of Highly Effective Teachers

The Daily Routines of Geniuses

Museums Courting Young Donors Find Big Generational Shift

When It Comes To Snow Days, School Districts Get Creative

Like a Wood Duck, Finding Peace in the Classroom

Eight Tips for Reaching Out to Parents

Transparent Teaching and Learning:  Capturing the Why

What’s the Sweet Spot of Difficulty for Learning?

Why Most People, Including Me, Like Homework

Do You Have Math Anxiety?  Maybe This is Why

Students See Many Slights As Racial ‘Microaggressions’

Aim Higher:  It Isn’t About Passing A Test

#Fail:  The SAT Rebrand

Amazing Facts About How Technology Is Transforming Education

Teaching Digital Literacy with Limited Resources

Adding Coding to the Curriculum

Curriculum Conundrum:  What Is and Isn’t STEAM?

PA After-School Program Recognized for STEM Program,2AKNB,5PBARD,8BBS2,1

Class of Tomorrow:  There’s More to Tech Than Games

Some Recent Excellent Posts on Classroom Instruction

Asking Whether Leaders Are Born or Made is the Wrong Question

Ever-So-Slight Delay Improves Decision-Making Accuracy

Helping Teachers Become EdTech Leaders

On Becoming A Passion-Driven Leader

10 Characteristics of Effective Leadership

Social-Emotional Leading

Eight Ways for Teachers to Save Time in the Classroom

Are You Already Microlecturing?

Flipped Learning and Its Impact on Learning

Five Ways 21st and 20th Century Learning Will Differ

Nation Falls Short on Educational Equity, Data Show

Never Miss An Important Email On Your Smartphone

Google Under Fire for Data-Mining Student Messages

How School Leaders Can Address Criticism About Tech Programs

Even Einstein Made Mistakes

Physicists, Generals, and CEOs Agree:  Ditch the PowerPoint

Ancient Beliefs Now Backed By Modern Science

For Working Moms, Key To Balance May Lie in Elusive Leisure Time  (friends who have read this book say it is great!)

Morristown-Beard Sports in the News


19 March 2014

12 Rules for Learning a Foreign Language in Record Time

Middlebury Language Learning for a Global World

For Boarding Schools, An Evolving Financial Aid Philosophy

Five Things Teachers Wish Parents Knew:  Your Children Can Do More Than You Think

Should the School Day Start Later?

The New SAT:  What Will It Look Like for Math?

Where are the People of Color in Children’s Books?

How to Make Flipped Learning Work

Spotlight of Differentiated Instruction

Hitting The Right Note with Music Education

Building Serious Skills Using Stand-Up Comedy

The Joys of Reading Aloud Closely

Six Steps to Help Students Find Order in Their Thinking

Four Lessons About Learning Discovered on a Chairlift

Fuel Creativity Through Divergent Thinking

Getting Creative About Creativity Studies

Can Creativity Truly Be Fostered in Classrooms of Today

Homework Load Little Changed in 30 Years, Study Says

The Importance of Fiction Writing

To Get More Out of Your Students, Make the Most of Your Space

Efforts To Close the Achievement Gap in Kids Start at Home

Teaching Children to Calm Themselves

How A Warm-Up Routine Can Save Your Knees

Why Good Managers Are So Rare

Be A Better Leader

School Leadership Is About Making Teachers and Parents Feel Supported

Nine Ways To Handle Work Stress Like a Soldier

Don’t Ban Bossy!

Preparing For Leadership Challenges That Await

Five Great Books For Human Resource Leaders

The Secret of Developing A Technology-Based Classroom

Six Things You Should Know About the Future

The Future of Technology in Education

Eight Powerful Extensions to Use on Google

Six Hallmarks of the Connected Classroom

Difficult Online Students

21st Century Social Problems

We Aren’t the World


11 March 2014

The Three Most Damaging Words You Can Tell Your Son

Beyond Zero Tolerance:  Seeking Balance in School Discipline

How To Get A Job At Google

How Social Media Will Save Education

What’s Not to ‘Like’?  Rethinking Restrictive Social Media Policies.  Librarians Call on Schools To Blend Social Media into Curricula

Seven Steps to Building Strong School Networks

National School Boards Honor Ed-Tech Innovators

Technology in Education:  If Students Aren’t Worried, Why are Students?

What Kids Actually Think About Shery Sandberg, Lean In, and Ban Bossy

It’s Cool To Be a Geek, EU Tells Women

Google Encouraging More Women-Led Startups

International Women’s Day:  How to Empower Female Students in School

Women In Tech Share Three Secrets of the Job

Stop Pretending You Can’t Give Candid Feedback

Study Links Teacher ‘Grit’ with Effectiveness, Retention

Study Says Schools Must Teach Emotional Resilience

The Biggest Givers of 2013

World Language Easier to Learn in Casual Setting, Scholars Say

Gesturing with Hands a Powerful Tool for Learning Math

Are Bilingual Students More Open-Minded…and Teaching About Accents

Habits of the Ultra-Organized People

Eight Things Really Efficient People Do

Three Essential EQ Skills Every Leader Needs

The Must-Have Habits of Effective 21st Century Leaders

Leaders:  Get the Most From Your Team

Nine Top Tips to Engage Your Learners in eLearning

What Educators Can Learn From Brain Research

What the US Can Learn From Finland Where School Starts At Age 7

Innovative Learning Tools Needs Innovative Teachers

Online Learning’s Transformational Potential

In 1995, Apple Made Some Promises to Educators About the Future of Technology.  Here’s What They Got Right

How Can I Best Absorb Information While Reading

Five Super-Specific iPhone Tricks To Know Now

Chris Christie Town Hall in Paterson Turns Into Yelling Match Over Education

NJ DOE Posts List of Nearly 60 Reward Schools

Link Community School Converts to a Charter

NJ Get a “D” for Woefully Inadequate Civil Rights Teaching, Study Says

David Hespe Returns as NJ Commissioner of Education


7 March 2014

Building A Better Brain Through the World of Music


How Technology Trends Have Influenced the Classroom

18 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently

Playful Learning:  Where a Rich Curriculum Meets a Playful Pedagogy

How to Prepare Students for Post-School Success

How Much Does the SAT or ACT Matter in Your Life

Then and Now, A Test That Aims To Neutralize Advantages of the Privileged

10 Apps for Math Fluency

Innovation Takes Time

Beyond the Common Core

Saving Progressive Education From Itself

Just-in-Time Teaching

NJ Charter Schools

How Women Leaders Have Transformed Management

Be Bold:  10 Lessons From Women at the Top on International Women’s Day

Lisa Falzone of Revel Systems on the Thrill of Entrepreneurship

Gone But Not Forgotten

The Importance of Feedback

Five Essential Skills for Leadership in the 21st Century

Five Reasons To Re-Examine How Leaders Communicate

Forget Work-Life Balance and Go For Blend Instead

Most Common Mistakes in Public Speaking


Monday, 3 March 2014

You Think You Know What Teachers Do, Right?  Wrong!

Are You Sick of Highly Paid Teachers?

Grant Wiggins:  It’s the Goal of the Question that Matters

American Academy of Pediatrics Endorses Myth-busting Report on Multilingualism,0,4474952.story#axzz2uvO7tbF2

How Much Homework Is Too Much Homework?

Less Lecturing, More Doing:  A New Approach for A.P. Classes

Focus on Audience For Better PBL Results

Designing a Classroom Where Students Can Learn Better and Longer

What to Know About Colors in the Classroom

Classrooms For Success

On Leadership, CEOs, and Practicing What You Preach

Educational Leaders Should Have Teaching Experience

To Get Honest Feedback Leaders Need to Ask

Lead with One Foot Out the Door

11Things The Military Teaches About Leadership

10 Tips for Surviving Your New Leadership Role

Five Leadership Books For Nonprofit Leaders

Three Toxic Employees You Need To Fire Now

This Old Man

What You Learn in Your 40s

Jonathan Miller and the Soft, White, Private School Question

Total Cost of Independent Schooling:  Indexed Tuition, Limited Diversity, and Mental Health

How One School Launched a Parent Ambassador Program

How Your Private School Can Increase Applicants with Inbound Marketing

College, The Great Unleveler

How To Have the College Finance Talk With Your Children

Report Questions Value of Entrance Exams in Predicting College Success

Black Harvard Students Share Experiences Though A Powerful Photo Project

Oscar Winner Lupita Nyong’o’s Speech On Beauty

Website on ADD/ADHD and Medication

The Truth About ADHD:  Over-Diagnosis Linked to Cause Championed by Michelle Rhee

The Monuments of Tech

How Teachers Can Use Digital Technologies to Motivate Students and Encourage Learning By Failing

Oppia:  Google’s New, Free eLearning Tool

Does a Blended Learning, Flipped Classroom Pedagogy Help Information Literacy Students in the Long Term Adoption of Research Skills?

Top 10 Recent Educational Startups

A Guidebook for Social Media in the Classroom

Work Smarter:  Series of Good TED Talks


23 February 2014

At Private Schools Another Way to Say Financial Aid

Five Secrets of Super-Happy Parents With Well-Behaved Kids

Helping Students Understand What a Test Is and Is Not

Grant Wiggins on What Tests Really Measure

How Kidding Around Can Energize Schools

Student Leadership:  Fostering True Change

Teaching Resilience:  Reflection

Mount Olive Elementary Schools Shifting Schedules to Teach More Math

Scrutiny in California for Software in Schools

Eight Online Learning Myths Dispelled

Apple and Android Apps to Keep Students Engaged

Five Top Technology Tools for the English Classroom

Educational Technology Reshapes the Classroom

The Most Important Things to Know to Prevent Technology Problems During a Lecture Presentation

Behavior in Business:  Eight Human Insights Leaders Should Know

Three Killer Communication Mistakes to Avoid

Satya Nadella, Chief of Microsoft, On His New Role

Mark Zuckerberg Is a Genius

What My Handwriting Says About Me


18 February 2014

The Greatest Line I Never Said—From College Admissions Counselors

College Applicants Sweat the SATs.  Perhaps They Shouldn’t

90 Private Schools Closed Permanently.  Who’s Next?

Pedagogy First

The Spark of Epiphanies

The Future Of Lifelong Learning

What Every Student Needs

Screencasting in the 4th Grade Math Classroom

Five Tools Every Science Teacher Should Use

Glocalized Learning:  What’s Relevant in the Rural World

Schools Should Be Teaching Kids How To Use the Internet Well

The Construction of a Twitter Aesthetic

The Science Behind Brain Training

10 Tips to Improve Your Memory for Studying

Study Finds Kindergarten Too Easy

A Push to Boost Computer Science Learning Even At an Early Age[Janet%27s%20Law%3A%20Implica]

Janet’s Law:  Implications for School Nurse Responsibilities

PDS Security—Student Article!/on-air/as-seen-on/Celebs-Turn-Out-for-Young-Women-s-Empowerment/244575551

Celebs Turn Out for Young Women’s Empowerment

Kids Don’t Learn Better in Single-Sex Classes

Engineering Week and Encouraging Girls in STEM

The Nine Essential Qualities of Mentally Strong People

Dealing With Difficult People

Schools Fall Behind in Dealing with Students With Mental Health Issues

For Mercer County’s Independent Schools Athletics Are A Delicate Balancing Act

You Can’t Speculate About Technology Without Speculating About Society

Why Digital Learning is Here to Stay

Five Trends Poised to Rock Education

Six Life Skills Kids Need for the Future

Innovative Ways to Get Kids Coding

Straightforward Tips to Help Teachers Who Struggle with Technology

Hun School Teacher Holds Class Via Tablet As She Sits in PA Turnpike Gridlock

Hun School of Princeton Teacher With FaceTime:  Class is in Session  (Note:  Kudos to the Hun Communications Dept 

for getting the word out via social media that then got the story picked up on national media!'s-list-of-America's-top-15-economic-power-towns?utm_source=Listrak&utm_medium=Email&

Two NJ Towns Make SpareFoots List of Top 15 Economic Power Towns

The Coherence of Scottish Education


11 February 2014

Please Don’t Help My Kids

Children Must Be Taught Resilience and Attentiveness

Lessons From Abroad:  Singapore’s Secrets to Training World-Class Teachers

Three False Facts About the Brain

Was Carnegie Right About Philanthropy?

Is Your STEM Program Ready for Prime Time (Also learn about Change the Equation)

STEM and the Winter Olympics

Maine’s Highest Court:  Transgender Student’s Rights Were Violated

Teaching News Writing to Teach History Writing

Resources for Celebrating Black History Month

Five Reasons to Teach Spelling and Handwriting

Five Elements That Promote Learner Collaboration and Group Work in Online Courses

Chineasy Reinvents Language Learning Through Design

The Power of a Checkllst,260EN,5PBARD,7U0P6,1

Eton College To Admit Pupils Irrespective of Family Income

The Future of School Piece By Piece

Classroom Management:  The Intervention Two-Step

Should Data Literacy Be Part of Teacher Licensure?

One in Five Workers Plan to Change Jobs in 2014

Survey:  NJ School Makes List of Top 25 Engineering Programs with the Best ROI

10 February 2014

Students at Mount Saint Mary in Watchung Replace Snow Days With Cyber Days

State of Sustainability in Independent Schools

Book List for Education

Develop Strategic Thinkers Throughout Your Organization

Limit the Time You Spend on Email

NY Times Education Life

The Global Teacher

How Can Busy Teachers Learn Next-Gen Skills?!u6yLD

Offline Over the Weekend?  Read All the Tech News Here

The Future of Online Learning:  Safety, Challenges, Opportunities

Online Learning is the Blackboard of the Future

Four Cool Learning Tools You Might’ve Missed

Lesson-Planning Templates

Why Students Should Embrace Google+

Teaching Perseverance in Math

Timed Tests and the Development of Math Anxiety

Student-Driven Learning:  Math in the Blended Learning Environment

Teaching Empathy

Passion-Based Learning:  Probing Minecraft’s Appeal

UTeach STEM Teacher Prep Program Expands with $22.5 million Grant

News Literacy:  Critical-Thinking Skills

Are You Overlooking Your Secret Workforce?

Four Reasons Why Great Leaders Aren’t Firefighters

Leadership Reading to Start Your Week

Requirements for BOLD Leadership

The Leadership Balancing Act:  Results-Oriented vs People Oriented

Leadership Advice for Next Generation CIOs

We Have 21st Century Learners Who Need 21st Century Leaders

Human Resources, Learning, and Leadership:  Our Ten Predictions for 2014

Too Many Sorry Excuses for Apology?

If You Want to Lead, Read These 10 Books

Managing Better By Leading Well

Managing Transitions in Leadership


6 February 2014

Kellman Brown Recognized as Green School

10 Major Technology Trends in Education

Cheating and Technology:  Unethical Indifference

Creativity Becomes an Academic Discipline

The Future of Education Was Invented in 1906

California Task Force Warns of Civics Education Crisis

Mindful Revolution

Addressing Our Needs:  Maslow Comes to Life for Teachers and Students

Next Generation of Reading Apps Makes Reading Assignments More Productive and Enjoyable for Students and Teachers

Grant Wiggins:  The More I Lecture The Less I Know If They Understand

You Must Always Show Your Work

Cognitive Load Theory and Instructional Design

Seven Reasons You Should Teach Your Children To Speak French

Is Learning Scientific or Organic?

Many Colleges are Misleading Students About Financial Aid Requirements

President Praises $750 Million in Business Support For Ed-Tech Goals

Donations Rose 4.9% in 2013,0,6264603.story

Why I Want To Give Up Teaching

20 Ways the Head of School May Be Mistakenly Hurting Admissions

Nonprofits and Those Who Fund Them Should Talk Openly About Finances

The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Family

The Dangers of Certainty

Golden Rules From Gold Medalists

How To Be A Great Leader Without Trying Too Hard

Nonpublic Boys Basketball Updated


5 February 2014

Be Brave and Kind

Brains on Fire:  The Multinodality of Gifted Thinkers

A Whole New Way of Learning:  Sugata Mitras First School in the Cloud

STEM Education:  Preparing Students to Succeed

Next Generation School Board:  Governance Challenges and Opportunities in the Digital Age

The Modern School:  Reclaiming Creativity and the Language of Learning

Three Great Films For Teaching About Globalization and Modernization

Technology Directors:  Are You Supporting Learning or Impeding It?

Teachers Guide to a Networked Classroom

Defining Blended Learning

The Difference Between Online Learning, Blended Learning, and eLearning

Research:  Seven Factors That Make eLearning Successful

What is the Key to a Successful Education System?

Throwing Teachers Into the Shark Tank

Toronto High School Focuses on Mental Health

Five Reasons to Teach Spelling and Handwriting in the New Year

The Five Absolute Worst Kinds of Bosses

Zappos and Great Culture:  It’s Not About Happiness


3 February 2014

New Website Offers Inside Look at Grant Makers, Including Anonymous Reviews

Common Traits of Great Teachers

Finland Classroom Shock:  What I’m Learning while Teaching in Finland's-time-to-go?utm_source=Network+FY2014&utm_campaign=348a9c3a1e-February_2014_Network_Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_5ce7d95330-348a9c3a1e-80398869

When It’s Time To Go:  Teachers and Administrators Leaving

What Drives Success?

The Hybrid Tiger and the Triple Package

The Best Management Lessons Story You’ll Ever Read

If You’re Not Helping People Develop, You’re Not Management Material

Let’s Listen With a Listening Tube

What Can Legos Teach Us?

Is Kindergarten the New First Grade?

Five Reasons Why Recess is Important

Six Teaching Tools For Black History Month

How To Build a Better Lecture

Down With Textbooks

How to Use Quizzes to Help Students Assess Themselves

What If Kids Co-Created Customized Learning Pathways?

Three Ways To Build a Digital Content Library

Four Steps to Making Rigorous Discussion Routine

Most Teens Aren’t Active Enough and It’s Not Always Their Fault

Young Athletes Risk Back Injury By Playing Too Much

Political Rivals Find Common Ground Over Common Core

Can Video Games Get Kids Into College?

In Adoption, Does Race Matter?

Dalton School Apologies For Screening Slavery Satire

American Promise Probes Race in NY Private School

FCC Says It Will Double Spending on High-Speed Internet in Schools and Libraries

The Web in 10-20 Years from Now Leads Us to the Wired and Completely Connected Person

Salman Kahn on the Online Learning Revolution

13 Challenges For Big Data in Education

Welcome Resistance to Change

The Middle Class is Steadily Eroding.  Just Ask the Business World

Leadership Reading

Becoming and Being a Competent Leader

Women and Leadership

15 Tips to Making Your One-on-One Meetings Worth Your While

Eight Things Successful People Do


30 January 2014

What Is Succession Planning?

What Drives Success?

First-Year Teacher:  Four Things That Prepared Me For My Job

TED Talks 2014:  The Line-up Revealed

Two Giants of Online Learning Discuss the Future of Education

The Hidden Costs of Blended Learning

NJ Middle School Students Design App to Encourage Girls in STEM

CEOs Seek Better Internet Access in Classrooms

Successful Hour of Code Computer Tutorials Prompt Effort To Change School Policies

Online Schools Prove Tough Rivals In Quest for Students, Funds

Effective Classroom Observations

Connecting School Children to the Real World

Mindhacking:  Finding Serenity in a Tech-Obsessed World

An Antidote to Mindlessness

Become the Supreme Commander of Your Mind:  How To Effectively Manage Your Attention

What Percentage of Your Brain Do You Use?

How Much Time Have You Wasted on Facebook?

10 Painfully Obvious Truths Everyone Forgets Too Soon

Stop Trying To Make Your Kid Happy and Other Radical Insights

Investing in Fundraisers Who Give Large Gifts Pays Off{"panelsStates":[0,0,0,0],"panelShowing":0,"searchString":"","searchChoiceIndex":0,"autoSuggestObject":null,"clickResponse":null,"clickEvent":null,"mapLatLng":null,"mapZoomLevel":"nation","initialTextTitle":"","initialParagraph":"","contibutionCatagories":0,"incomeBrackets":0,"cObj":null,"obj_data":null,"conveyor":0,"noSplash":0}

How America Gives:  Exploring Philanthropy in Your State, City, and Neighborhood

A Push For French in Schools From the France

Teacher Shares Enthusiasm for Chess

Connecting Writing and Media to Science

The Fat Lady Is Still Singing

Five Things You Need to Know About Opera Before This Super Bowl

Shelter from the Storm:  Overnight at School

100 Most Powerful in NJ Business


28 January 2014

Training The Brain To Listen

Snow Days Become Cyber-Days

Are Your Students Engaged?  Don’t Be So Sure

Exercise and Learning:  Recent Studies Strengthen the Connection

It’s Time For Teachers to Wake Up to Neuromyths

The Textbook Is Still A Great Learning Tool

American Math Texts Are More Challenging But South Korean Students Score Higher

20 Great Math Websites for Teachers and Students

Character Should Be An Integrated Element of Education

Six Way to Empower Your Employees With Your Transformational Leadership

Sam Berns’ Courage Offers Four Lessons in Leadership

Leading for the Future

Secrets For Leadership Success

Your Leadership Motivation Starts Within

Special Leaders for Special Times

Leadership Has To Be Earned

10 Things That Will Disqualify You From Leadership

Transformative Leadership and Change Realization

Answering Behavioral Leadership Questions

Daily Leadership Behaviors That Inspire Motivation

The Swiss Army Knife of B2B Thought Leaders:  24 Tools You Can’t Do Without

The Career Building Benefits of Lifelong Learning

How To Find and Activate Your Best Potential Advocates

Google Calendar Privacy Flaw

Four Steps To A Positive Classroom Community

Preschool Daily Schedule

Eight Picture Books That Make Us Want To Be Kids Again

Cold Prevention and Treatment:  What Really Works

Weird Things Sugar is Doing to Your Body

Seven Surprising Reasons to Give Up Sugar

Wearable Book Lets Readers Feel Character Emotions Via Sensor

Understanding Your Digital Footprint

Learning By Making Is More Humane

Five Health Tools for School Nurses

Letting Kids Serve Themselves May Be Worth the Mess

Don’t Start a Design Project With a Final Product in Mind

Five Reasons You Should Be Teaching Digital Citizenship

Creating a Learner-Friendly Online Course

Seven Ways To Prepare Teachers for Blended Learning

Six Blended Learning Models and Platforms

Flipping Classrooms with Homework at School and Lessons at Home

Five Tips for Flipping Your PBL Classroom

Exploring the Classroom of the Future

Five Best iPad Presentation Apps for Teachers and Students

Seven Futurist Trend Predictions for 2014

Dartmouth Joins Online Learning Platform

Cheat Codes to Intelligence

George Orwell’s Five Greatest Essays

The Elements of Language:  What We Are Using in Place of Levels

Morristown-Beard Sports in the News

Day Schools Seen Reaping Savings

South Jersey Day Schools Offer Generous Aid

NJ Man Admits Six-Figure Theft From Youth Football Fund

NJ Companies Have Slight Edge in Number of Women on Corporate Boards


20 January 2014

Seven Transformational Concepts in 21st Century Learning

Year-Round Schooling:  How It Affects Students

The Eight Archetypes of Leadership

We Didn’t Eat the Marshmallow.  The Marshmallow Ate Us

Motivating Your Students to Succeed

Teach Kids to Daydream

Why Do Schools Sideline Religious Education?

Are Women Really Better At Learning Languages?

Baby Talk Study:  One-on-One Builds Language Skills Quickly

Salman Khan

The Definition of the Flipped Classroom

10 Ways To Get Students Excited About Reading

Student:  Novel Reading Generates Sustained Boost in Student Brain Activity

Employees Who Feel Love Perform Better

Stop Basing Pay on Performance Reviews

Breathing In vs. Spacing Out

Are You a Credible Technology Leader?!saglt

Offline Over the Weekend?  Read All the Tech News Here

2020 Vision:  Outlook for Online Learning in 2014 and Way Beyond

Five Best Practices for Online Learning

New Study Casts Doubts on Effectiveness of Drug Testing Students

Sexting and Teens

Later School Start Time Linked to Improved Sleep and Mood in Teens

Beyond the Comfort Zone:  Teaching Independent Thinking

11 Note-Taking Tips for the Digital Classroom

Top iPad Apps for ESL Students,0,2183468.story#axzz2qyudI5YM

iPads Are Not Enough:  Teaching Students How Computers Work

A Simple Way for Teachers to Make Apps

Nine Online Tools Teachers Can Use to Help Students Succeed

How Online Learning is Changing the Way We Define Students

Excellent Classroom Poster on How to Cite References from the Internet

Three Useful Tools for Math Educators

Multiple Modes of Expression

Engaging with E-Books Can Aid Children’s Literacy Skills Study Finds

NY to Open More High Schools Like P-TECH

Why We Need Social Media Curriculum in Schools

A Dog Being Used to Teach Basic Social Skills

Why Collaboration and Communication Matter

Controversy Plagues School Mental Health Screening

The Vicious Cycle of Income Inequality,23LTB,5PBARD,7KR2J,1

Pushy Parents Have Become the Perfect Bogeymen

Seven Crippling Parenting Behaviors That Keep Children from Growing into Leaders

Does A New England College’s Move to Online Cheapen It or Ensure Its Survival?

Diane Ravitch’s Ideas on School Policy Are Worth Listening To, Even If You Disagree

More Reforms Needed of Federal Education Loans to Parents

It’s Time to Eliminate Exploding Job Offers (admissions offers?)

Can Education Save the Eroding Middle Class?

What Role Do Hunches Play in Professional Learning Communities?

NJ Closer to Required Social Media Course (for public schools)

Four Core Values Every Organization Should Have,0,2203529.story#axzz2qOyOmFP2

US Charitable Giving Increased 13%

Charter School Fight in NY

High School Honors Classes:  Elitist or Not?

Meditation Transforms Some San Francisco Schools

Responding to Tragedy:  Resources for Educators

Kindergarten Should Focus on More Advanced Work, Not Basics, Research Shows

Never Mind the Resume.  How Hot is the CEO?

The Financial Benefits of Being Beautiful

Leading Your “Village” to Strategic Success

We Need Leaders Who Listen and Unite

School Safety Response

The Futurists Magazine’s Top Ten Forecasts for 2014 and Beyond

Education and Instructional Technology Tweet Wrap for the Week of 1/13/14!sJypf

Update on Tech News

Technology is Not Driving Us Apart After All

Six Core Strengths for Healthy Child Development

NJ Nonpublic Sports News—Boys

NJ Nonpublic Sports News—Girls


12 January 2014

Why I’m Not Afraid of Dying

Flipped Classroom:  The Movie

10 Innovative Ways to Bring STEM to Schools

Using the Arts to Spark Learning

Beyond the Comfort Zone:  Building Independent Thinking

Is Your School Leadership Style…Outdated?

The Great Boss As Visionary Leader

Encouraging Teacher Leaders

Avoiding Demographic Cliques Makes for Stronger Teams

Leadership Guide for Students

Students of Color Don’t Apply to Top Schools But They Should

Reinventing the One-Room Schoolhouse

Tech’s Gender and Race Gap Starts in High School

Instructional Technology Tweet Wrap for the Week of 6 January 2014

What’s Ahead for Education in 2014

2014 Best of CES Awards

CES 2014

Vision:  Outlook for Online Learning in 2014 and Way Beyond

Why You Should Invest in the Future of Immersive Technology Now

Tech Tools for Administrators

25 Manners Every Kid Needs By Age 9 (written by David Lowry)

The Open Office Trap

The Montessori Mafia (May be an old article, but good for recruiting)

Eight Violations for School In Wake of Lab Fire (Read regarding science lab safety and chemical storage)

Administration Urges Restraint in Expulsion for School Discipline

Vineland School District Creates School Bus Safety Video After Death of Student

Tax Watch.  Could this happen in NJ?

100+ Influential Learning Professional Worth Following

Top Five Emotional Intelligence Moments of 2013

Thomas Friedman:  If I Had a Hammar

Goodnight. Sleep.  Clean

Doane Academy Sports in the News

Nonpublic Sports News


7 January 2014

Snowbound Children?  Give Them a Video Camera and Let Them Entire White House Film Festival.  Deadline 29 January

Tips for Educating African-American and Latino Students

Tough Lessons For Teachers of Color

Ideas at Work:  Tapping the Power of Diversity

Solving Problems For Read World, Using Design

What Is Your 2014 Summer Learning Plan?

Seven Types of Projects That Foster Powerful Learning

Project-Based Learning vs Problem-Based Learning

What’s Our Vision for the Future of Learning?

The Case for Nagging Kids About Their Homework

10 Ways to Start the New Year Right at Work

How Long Does It Take To Form a New Habit

Educational Change in the New Year

Future Forecasts That Will Change the World

Technology Issues and Finances

Can Technology Cultivate Social Capital?

What Does WhisperCast Mean for Schools?

Eight Exciting Technology-Enhanced Teaching and Learning Approaches That Teachers Are Embracing in 2014

Federal Learning Registry

The Online Education Revolution Drifts Off Course!rGwLw

YouTube:  A Hidden Gem of Online Education and Source for Marketing

Computers Jump to the Head of the Class

Innovation Update:  3D Digital Technology Finds Its Place in the Classroom, and It’s Eye-Popping

Why We’re Learning Coding in 6th Grade Writing Class

Students Owning Their Learning:  A Story of Two Schools

Creating Learning Environments

How To Create Cheat-Free Classrooms

Shifting Views:  Exploring The Potential For Technology Integration in Early Childhood Education Programs

Mission Possible:  Helping Schools with a High Quality Educational Experience

Lexical Distance Among Languages of Europe

Delightful Obsolete Words to Revive

Common Sense School Leadership

Five New Year’s Resolutions Every Leader Should Make

Leadership:  On Going to the Front Lines

The Keys to Leadership:  Your Brain and My Grandmother

Leadership:  Can You Be Too Nice?

Leadership:  The Great Boss as a Visionary Leader

Leadership:  Take Teams from Low to High Trust

Use Language to Shape a Creative Culture

The Brain in Exquisite Detail

How Regular Exercise Helps You Balance Work and Family

What One Urban School District Can Teach About Stress Reduction

Eight Strategies for Teaching Academic Language

Flipped Learning Makes Teachers More Valuable

Child Development 101:  Eight Key Things About How Kids Learn

Using Pretend vs Real Tools in Preschool

The Dangerous Myth of Reinvention

Six Fundamentals That Can Make You a Better Manager in 2014

How Scarcity Mentally Affects Our Thinking and Behavior

How Language Seems to Shape Ones View of the World

UDIO:  A Tech Platform for Students with Reading Disabilities

Mercersburg Academy in Central PA Receives $100 Million Gift

Extreme Homework (written by one of my former students!)

Zero Tolerance, Reconsidered

In Praise of Offline Slow Reading

Weighing Advantages of Private, Public Schools

Virginia Tech Fined $5,000 For Safety Law Breach Related to 2007 Massacre

When Private Firms Run Schools, Financial Secrecy is Allowed

Blue Light Impairs Student Sleep

No Gossip Ruling Violates NLRA


3 January 2014

Make 2014 The Year Your Kids Play

Six Top Education Issues of 2013:  A Year in Review

Achieve Your Goals in 2014:  Here's Research That Can Help

Habits of Mind:  Help in Realizing Your Resolutions!

Resources for Problem-Solving and 21st Century Skills

Eight Characteristics of Effective School Leaders

Building a Perfect School

Classrooms Receive Major Upgrades Thanks to New Digital Tools

Grant Wiggins on Final Exams vs Projects

Why Students Do Better Overseas

Finland vs America:  An American Teacher Goes Inside Finnish Schools and Compares Math Teaching

Schools Overload Pupils with Homework

The Future of Education:  10 Trends to Watch

America's New Elite Ivies

Getting Out of Discount Game, Small Colleges Lower the Price

A for Athletes But Charges of Fraud at UNC

What Happened to Downtime and the Extinction of Deep Thinking and Sacred Space

Reading Human Emotions

The 20 Most Popular TED Talks 2013

Innovative Educators  (Gets better.  Slow start, IMO)

Book Review:  The Smartest Kids in the World

Can A Fruitfly Help Explain Autism?

Challenging Racism and the Problem with White Allies

Five Simple Steps to a Better 2014

The 16 Habits of Exuberant Human Beings

Child Prodigies of 2013

10 Mister Roger's Quotes to Remember on a Bad Day

10 Quotes to Inspire the Best Year Ever

Transforming Education:  The One Thing I'd Change in 2014

Writing Scaffolds To Meet Diverse Learning Needs

Choosing the Right USB Microscope for Your Classroom

A Window Into the Classroom

25 Game-Changing Trends That Make Disruption and Opportunity

Emerging Education: Technology's Greatest Hits of 2013 Marking a Year of Transition

Ten Technology Predictions for 2014

Teacher-to-Teacher:  Seven Strategies for Integrating Technology

Top Ed-Tech Stories of 2013

Tech Trends:  Predicting the Future of Technology

Journal of Online Learning and Teaching

Gibbon:  Peer-to-Peer Online Learning

The 27 Best Google Hangouts for Educators

Top 100 Twitter Tools for Teachers

10 Websites that Will Make You Smarter, More Interesting, and More Marketable Without Spending a Lot of Money

Some NJAIS Schools to Watch for Boys Basketball

Some NJAIS Schools to Watch for Girls Basketball

Some NJAIS Schools to Watch for Boys Ice Hockey

Some NJAIS Schools to Watch for Girls Ice Hockey



22 December 2013

Our Top Teaching and Learning Articles in 2013

The Thought Leader

10 Painless Ways Trustees Can Help Fundraise Without Asking For Money

Middlebury Board of Trustees Revises Governance Structure

22 Quotes on Generosity

Education Isn't Broken, Our Country Is

Pakistan's 'Ghost Schools' Threaten Next Generation

When Minority Students Attend Elite Private Schools

The Challenge of Being Poor At America's Richest Colleges

Leadership Is About Emotion

When You Criticize Someone You Make It Harder For Them to Change

The Toughest Leadership Job of All (Yes, it is in education!)

Doing Less, Leading More

The Eight Archetypes of Leadership

Seven Imperatives to Keeping Meetings On Track

Learning Science and Math By Doing--Bet some NJAIS schools could contribute to this

This Is Your Brain on Gluten

Four Frighteningly Ambitious Education Experiments for 2014

List of Free Entrepreneurship Online Courses from Stanford University

What is Social Learning and Does It Work?

New Research:  Rituals Make Us Value Things More

OED Birthday Words

The Classroom Can Become Truly Universal Thanks to the Internet

Steps for Improving Learning Outcomes With Technology

How Technology Helps and Hinders Education

Three Non-Traditional Ways to Use Presentation Software

Survey Finds Blended Learning Programs Outpace Online Programs

IBM Revelas Its Top Five Predictions for the Next Five Years

The Age of Surprise:  Predicting the Future of Technology

Nine Technologies that Matter in 2014

The Promise and Pitfalls of Connected Classrooms

The Big Lie of Strategic Planning,0,389887.story#axzz2oESR5EfE

Travel is the Best Medicine, Study Finds

Kent Place in the News


16 December 2013!

Applying the 40/40/40 Principle in Your Classroom

15 Time Management Tips Every Connected Educator Should Know

NJ Women Earn Less Than Men

How To Prevent Kids From Smoking

Recognizing Depression in Teens

Getting Into College and Paying For It

Men Take Computer Science; Women Take Cooking Classes

STEM Article

3D Printing in the Classroom

How to Use Technology In Education

A Classroom Teacher Talks About Technology

As Technology Transforms Higher Ed, New Types of Credentials Will Show Us What Students Have Learned

Setting Tech Goals for the New Year

How to Stop the Revolving Door of Teachers and Principals at Charter Schools

Blue Light May Impede Student Sleep, Study Says

Why It's (Long Past) Time for Social and Emotional Learning

What Does the 'Hour of Code' Really Look Like in a K-12 School?

USA Approach to Student Data Threatens Privacy, Study Says

ALICE Training for Schools Grew Out of Mounting Casualties in Columbine

Many College Presidents Make $1 Million

I am a Teacher With Really Bad Handwriting

The Tablet Magazine Ship Is Sinking Fast

15 December 2013

Americans Say They Still Love Their Libraries Even If They Are Not Using Them As Much

Ten Tips On Becoming Fearless

Classroom Management:  Stop Lecturing Students and Lower Your Stress

11 Facts About Music Education

Creative Ways to Bring Music Into Any School

Leaked:  Harvard's Grading Rubric

Formula for Happiness

Top Students at Community Colleges To Have Chance to Raise Ambitions

Unbundled:  Reimagining Higher Education

The Selling of Attention Deficit Disorder

Even Gifted Students Can't Keep Up

Carol Dweck on Women and Science

The Daughter Theory!pX3MH

Seven Digital Nomads Explain How They Live, Work, and Travel Anywhere in the World

In Digital Age, Schools That Succeed Are Schools That Connect

School Choice:  Education Savings Accounts

Education and Technology News

The Focused Leader

Saving Your Rookie Managers From Themselves


13 December 2013

Classroom Management

More States Are Collecting and Using Student Data to Improve Education (Good for compliance with Accreditation Standard Criterion #13)

Schools Seek to Encourage More Girls in STEM,0,4509355.story

Chicago Public School Unveils Curriculum for African-American Studies

From DC to Johannesburg, A Teacher Confronts Pasts of Profound Racial Inequality

Yes, Santa Can Be Black

How To Grow a Farm Team for Leadership

Seven Reasons Employees Don't Trust Their Leaders

The Focused Leader

Mentally Strong People:  The 13 Things They Avoid

Seven Stressful Things To Start Ignoring

The Science of Spiritual Care

Teaching Algebra:  The Way to a Student's Heart

Teachers:  How Slowing Down Can Lead to Great Change

Six Ways to Honor the Learning Process

Excellent Podcast on Flipping and the Role of Technology in Learning

Schooled:  The Flipped Classroom

Mobile Devices Are Altering Students' Reading Experiences

Five Easy Tips to Use Mobile Learning in Classroom Training

Seven Reasons NOT to Buy Your Child an iPad For the Holidays

The Allure of Print Books

Teaching In High Gear:  THe Classroom Coach

Most Effective Teacher Preparation Tips

Six Types of Digital Content Sharers:  Which One Are You?

Getting Into College And Paying For It

The Berkeley Model

The Impact of A Liberal Arts Education

After Setbacks, Online Courses Are Rethought

Online Learning and Its Impact On Today's Generation

Getting Organized with Evernote

Five Technology Trends that Will Reset IT in 2014

O.E.C.D. Warns West on Education Gaps

Agricultural Education Takes Root in Valley Schools

Fun With Genetic Engineering:  Why Letting Students Tinker With Micro-Organisms Is Good For Education and Society

An English Teacher Writes About Being a Writer and Teacher-Leader

Video Modeling for Pre-School Students

LI School District Spends Thousands On Security After Sandy Hook

School Security

Newtown Massacre Prompts Heightened Vigilance Inside Schools and Elsewhere

A School Shooting About Every Two Weeks Since Newtown

Teens Knowledge of Family History a Sign of Social-Emotional Health

An Hour of Code In the Classroom

Meningitis Outbreak Strikes Two Universities

These Eight Inspirational People Will Change the Way You Think About Aspergers and Autism

St. Peter's Prep Sports in the News

Pingry Sports in the News


11 December 2013

Math is Incredibly Beautiful and We've Found the Video to Prove It

Why Says Math Has To Be Boring?

Deep Shame and the Courage to Be Vulnerable

A Boy Helps A Town Heal

The Lost Art of Conversation and Connection

Between Pigs and Anchovies: Where Humans Rank on the Food Chain


Who Belongs in the Lower Middle Class and Why Does It Matter

How Emotionally Intelligent Are You?

30 People Under 30 Saving the World!

The Key to Helping High School Entrepreneurs

How To Stop Worrying About College Rejection

NJ Officials Shocked at Conditions at Various Public Schools

Bullying Incidents in NJ Public Schools Across the State

New Reality:  Social Media Monitoring!pzzm7

How To Cure Stage Fright:  The Science Behind Public Speaking

Why Classrooms Should be Places for Second Chances

Updating our Recipes for Learning

Student Perspective:  What Makes an Engaging Lesson?

Characteristics of An Ideal School

London School of Marketing Ex;pores the "Massive" Opportunity in Online Education

10 Tech Trends You Will See in 2014

Setting Technology Goals for the New Year

24 Education Apps That Could Boost Kids' Schooling

Seven Excellent Free Blended Learning Resources:  Understanding the Whys and Hows of Mixed-Mode Instruction

50+ Ways to Use Twitter in Your Classroom

Five Ways To Make Class Discussions More Exciting

Solving the Conundrum of Multiple-Choice Tests

Seven Ways Parents Can Manage Holiday Stress, From Tufts Child Development Expert

This Holiday Season, Get the Kids Books (No Batteries Required)

To Get Kids Exercising, Schools Become Creative

With Modern Makeovers, American Libraries Are Branching Out

Message to Tween Girls:  Do Anything, Just Be Attractive

Uptalk.  Linguists Say It's Not Just So Cal Valley Talk Anymore

Nailed It:  Ad Calls Out Five Ridiculous Double Standards Women Face in Less Than 60 Seconds

Barnard Poetry Slam

Are You More Boomer Or Millennial?

Tips From 25 Years of Fathering

21 Racial Microaggressions You Hear On a Daily Basis

The Trouble with Snooze Alarms




6 December 2013

8 Must-See TED Talks for Teachers

Is the STEM Education Crisis A Myth?

Learning Laboratories:  STEM Facilities

Can the Singapore Method Help Your Child Learn Maths?

How One School Turned Homework On Its Head:  Flipped Classroom

John Chubb's Most Recent Blog

Best Practices:  Educating for Global Citizenship

Spark Critical Thinking By Asking Students Essential Questions

Inspiration Lab:  Entrepreneur Program Headed for the Shark Tank

US Students Lag, Mainly in Maths, on International Tests

US Students Slide in Math, Reading, and Science

US Students Lag Around Average on International Science, Math, and Reading Test

Shanghai's Mind-Boggling Education

Urban Schools Aim for An Environmental Revolution

These Days School Lunches Are More Like 15 Minutes

Should a Student Conceal her Lesbian Identity in Her College Essays?

Professors In Deal to Design Online Lessons for Certain AP Classes

Teens Who Feel Supported At Home and School Sleep Better

The Big Lie About Student Achievement

Seeing the Toll, Schools Revisit Zero Tolerance Policies

Teaching With Technology:  Tips and Tools for Better Remote Communication

Gates, Zuckerburg Pour Money Into School Connectivity Plan

Gaze Into the Future of E-Learning

20 Options for Real-Time Collaboration Tools

MOOCs Falling Short

Singularity University Plots Hi-Tech Future for Humans

Millennial Trains Project A Ride for Experiential Learning

Age of Distraction:  Why It's Crucial for Students to Learn to Focus

Social Media:  Where Should You Focus?

Enhancing THe Student Experience

The Shadow Politics of Shadow Education

Rise and Shine:  The Daily Rituals of History's Creative Minds

Nelson Mandela's Favorite Shakespeare Passage

Philadelphia:  A City of Hybrid Schools

Inside the Teenage Mind

It's a Bumpy Ride:  Raising Teens

Jennifer Epps Inspires Inner City Students and Teachers in Los Angeles

South Korea's Hunger for Foreign Schooling Strands Lonely "Goose Fathers"


3 December 2013

Learning Laboratories:  STEM Facilities

10 Essential Items for a Manager's Survival Kit

Purpose-Driven Board Meetings

Nine Buzzwords That Can Make You Sound Dumb

Think Fast:  10 Ways to Be Prepared for Any Question

Four Sites That Will Change the Way You Think!oOBVw

A, B, Cs of How To Model Effective Use of Technology

Guidelines on Implementing Successful Seamless Learning Environments

In Steubenville Rape Case, A Lesson for Adults

Strategies to Stop Cyberbullying in Schools!oOCfj

Introverts:  Unleasing the Power-Thinkers in the Workplace

Pursuing Diversity in City Private Schools

He, She, or Ze?  On US Campuses Pronouns Can Be Personal for Students Defying Gender Norms

Why Geniuses Don't Need Gifted Education

Yes, Your Toddler Really Is Smarter Than a Five-Year-Old

Random House's Grinch Campaign Encourages Children To Do Selfless Deeds

Does Standardization Serve Students, or is the Common Core Dead?!oOCkA

Top Social Media Predictions

SEO Info


1 December 2013

Kellman Brown Academy Students Race for Fitness, Funds, and a Blue-Haired Rabbi

Pulling a More Diverse Group of Achievers Into the Advanced Placement Pool

Seven Habits of Grateful People

Millennial Searchers't-Know.aspx

The Art and Science of Teaching:  Planning For What Students Don't Know

The A to Z Guide to Top Online Learning Trends

Modern Trends in Education:  50 Different Approaches to Learning

EdTech:  Wiping Out the Blackboard

Answers to All the Tech Questions Your Family Will Ask

Do Different Languages Confer Different Personalities?

Five Key Rules for Open Access Online Education

The MOOC Marketplace Takes Off

How To Make It As An Online Teacher

Tablets Make A Difference in Teaching and Learning, Study Reveals

How Google Fiber Can Help Educational Research

10 Things I Want My Daughter To Know About Working Out

I'm Sorry For Staring At You, Interracial Couple

Charter School Struggles for Students

Music Teachers Beware:  The Feds Are On To You!

What Does It Take To Get Kids To Stop Skipping School?

A New University Offers Liberal Arts As Higher Education Alternative

The Real Humanities Crisis

At the New Schools New Building, A Sign Isn't Just a Sign

In India, A School Empowering Teachers and Students

Technology Reveals What Kind of Shopper You Are

Top Picks for Recruiters

Golden Rules for Successful Social Media Marketing

From Team Building to Team Bonding

Traits for Great Workers:  Not a Gift

Reduce Stress with Mindfulness

St. Peter's Prep Sports in the News


26 November 2013

Potomac School Abuse Case (John Kowalik quoted)

Four Tips To Stay At the Top of Your Game

Balancing the Art and Science of Education

Early Childhood Development: The Promise, The Problems, and the Path Forward

Frequent Tests Can Enhance College Learning, Study Finds

St. Mary's College of Maryland Joins Troubling Trend:  Too Many Empty Freshman Seats

Campaign Seeks To Recruit Top Students to Become Teachers,1ZYER,5PBARD,76TQ4,1

Children Using Mobile Phone Textisms in School Work

Advertisements for the Common Core

Remote College Recruiting:  Capturing Top Students from Schools You Don't Visit

Calling Education Tech Entrepreneurs:  Pitch You Ideas to Investors in December

Creating Slack:  The Quick Scheduling Trick to Make Your Week Most Productive,5692/

Professor Sees Parallels Between Things, Other Things

Mentally Strong People:  The 13 Things THey Avoid

Harkness Math

Yes, Your Toddler Really Is Smarter Than a 5-Year-old

A Brits View of American Geography

Mobile Technology: The Next Wave of Online Learning

Teaching Clearly:  A Deceptively Simple Way to Improve Learning

Learning Computer Coding

More Chinese Students Taking USA Entrance Exams

How Finnish Schools Train Their Teachers

British Schools Downgrade Science and Focus on English and Maths

Educators Weigh iPad Market with Other Devices

Application Angst:  Teens Social Media Could Hurt College Changes

The Case For Language Learning

Young Dual Language Learners

Languages to Learn

The New Trend in Study Abroad

Will This Website Save Your Library …and Your Librarian?


24 November 2013

The Coolest High Schools Across the Country

2013 Best American High Schools (cringe!  We all hate these rankings!)

What Do Finnish Teachers Think of Standardized Testing and Rankings

Black Student Graduation Rates at High-Ranking Colleges and Universities

American Promise:  Young, Gifted, and Black in NYC Private Schools--Movie Review

2012-13 SAT Scores and NAIS Schools

Could you Pass the GED?[Why%20admissions%20offic]

Why Admissions Offices Care About Student Health Information

John Chubb's Critique of "The Public School Advantage"

Are Kids Too Coddled

Tablets Make a Difference In Teaching and Learning

Don't Give Up on the Lecture

Three Strategies to Improve Student Writing Instantly

Essential Use of Technology in Teaching and Learning

Do More Women on the Board Mean Better Results?

The Problem is Not That Misogyny Exists, It's That Women Are Complicit with It?

Girls' School Tells Students You're Not A Princess

Viral Video Encourages Girls To Become Engineers

School Administrators Role in Supporting School Counselors

Science Gets Real

Science Teaching Must Maintain Pupils' Curiosity

New Map of the US Based on Where We Get Our Water

Using the Digital Public Library of American as a MakerSpace for Students

Schools that Separate the Child from the Trauma,9171,2158150,00.html?pcd=hp-magmod

What Boys Want

Sports-Related Concussions in Youth

IRS Relaxes Use-It-Or-Lose It Rules on Flexible Spending

Recycled Instruments

Art Makes You Smart

Four Alternatives to Going to College

NYC Public Library Acquires Tom Wolfe's Papers

Local Classrooms Transform Into Interactive Learning Hubs

Take Back Control of Professional Development

This is What America's School Lunches Really Look Like

Campaign Seeks To Recruit Top Students to Become Teachers

In Praise of Fancy Words's-downgrades-Atlantic-City-credit-rating-citing-declining-casino-revenue-tax-appeals?utm_source=Listrak&utm_medium=Email&utm_term=http%3a//

Moody's Downgrades Atlantic City's Credit Rating'corporate-palaces'-no-longer-viable?utm_source=Listrak&utm_medium=Email&utm_term=http%3a//

Rutger's Dean:  Suburban Corporate Palaces No Longer Viable

J & J to Pay Billions in Settlements

Universal Law of Commuting

Google Reveals Its Nine Principles of Innovation

Get Googley in Education:  The Latest Resources

Exclusive Interview with Mr. Brian McCray:  Effective Marketing for Online Education Conference

How Technology is Driving Changes in Education

Journey To Online Teaching:  A Possible Answer to Why School

Online Learning is a Great Alternative to Learn New Subjects From the Comfort of Your Own Home

Education and Instructional Technology Tweet Wrap for the Week

Danger Lurks in That Mickey Mouse Couch

Who Made that 3-D Printer?

3-D Printing in Schools:  The Next Industrial Revolution

Oak Knoll Sports in the News

Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart Sports in the News


13 November 2013

More Than Scores:  An Analysis of Why and How Parents Choose Private Schools

The Smarter You Are the Stupider You Are

Long-Term Benefits of Music Lessons

Seeing Opportunity in a Question:  'Where Are You From'

Let Them Eat Code:  Reflecting on the Decline of the Humanities Major

Could One Word Unite the World?

This Typography Visualizes What It's Like To Be Dyslexic

Can Virtual Classrooms Beat Face-to-Face Interaction?

Starting Young:  Can You Really Teach Entrepreneurship?

The Year of the Lego

For a Few Hundred Bucks You Can Make Your Own 3-D Printer

Honoring Female Pioneers in Science

This is Not a Game:  Tips To Use Technology Effectively in the Classroom

Teaching in the Cloud:  How Googledocs Are Revolutionizing the Classroom

Combating Cyberattacks:  Policy Issue or One for Technology?

Online Education Giving Rise to Careers in Education

Meet the Online Learners Who Fit Study Around Their Lives

Creating Internal Social Media Policies

More Colleges Checking Facebook, Twitter

Trevor Day's New Head


11 November 2013

21 Days of Gratitude

15 NJ Public High Schools with the HIghest AP Test Scores

What Are the Hardest Languages to Learn?

German Language

Neuroscientists Seek Creativity in the Brain

This is Why You are Probably Broke--Middle Class Squeeze

The Beauty of Mathematics

The Color of Teaching:  Expectations of Mammy in the Classroom

Why Do People Agree to Work in Boring Jobs?

The Challenges and Realities of Inquiry-Based Learning

The Importance of Reading Bedtime Stories To Big Kids

The Need for Pretend Play in Child Development

Where the Kids Learn Early

As Universities Evolve

They Loved Your GPS.  Then They Saw Your Tweets

Who Made That College Application?,0,4231075.story#axzz2kN4WLdIC

Foreign Students Continue to Flock to US Colleges

New Student Loan Rules Add Protections for Borrowers

Role of the Humanities in School and Life

A Cure for the Allergy Epidemic

Lessons in Renewal:  Hotchkiss Farm Promotes Ecological Awareness

After Mental Illness, An Up and Down Life

The Coach Who Exploded

Where Have All the (Boy) Sopranos Gone?

After the Tuition Bill, The Fund-Raising Pitch

Researching Private Schools Doesn't Have To Be Painful

Work Up a Sweat and Bargain Better

Year-Round Schooling:  How It Affects Students

Schools Experiment with Extending School Day

How NYC, Boston Mays Plan to Act Fast on Education

Six Innovative Ways Students Are Using Technology

New Research Reveals Public and Private Colleges' Approaches to Online Higher Education

Global Education Highlights

Forget Devices; The Future of Education Is Seeded in Biology

Change Is Just a Mouse Click Away…Or Is It?

Best Practices in Early Childhood Education

Research Confirms Effectiveness of Early Childhood Educational Investments

Early Childhood Educators Hold the Key to Childrens'  Communication Skills


9 November 2013

Music in Their Ears Sharpens Young Minds Says Report

The Power of Patience:  Teaching Students the Value of Deceleration and Immersive Attention

Academic Teaching Doesn't Prepare Kids For Life

The Difference Between Entitlement and Privilege is Gratitude

Teaching Your Students To Have a Conversation

A Plea for Catholic School To Ignore Common Core Guidelines

STEM:  Securing Economic Strength Through Education

Are Private Schools Better Than Public Schools?  New Book Says NO

In Public Education, Edge Still Goes to the Rich

Teaching Our Children to Code:  A Quiet Revolution

Are Gimmicks and Trends Getting in the Way of Teaching?

Parent-Teacher Conferences Can Be the Most Important Meeting of the Year

English Education Still a Priority in China

What We Can Learn from a School in South Korea:  Focus on the Whole Child

Teen Suicides:  What Are the Risk Factors

Student Pens Opinion Piece About Palosz Tragedy

Should You Be Your Kid's Facebook Friend

Gov. Christie Requests Briefing on NJ Private Schools for Disabled Students

Which NJ High Schools' Students Have the Highest SAT Scores?

Education Reform Activist Taks Charter School, Voucher System During Princeton Talk

Leadership Is About Breaking Down Barriers

School Districts Ban Religious Songs at Winter Concerts

How I Talk To My Students About the Internet

If A Young Child Wanders, Technology Can Follow

Phillips Academy Ex-Doctor Pleads Guilty to Child Porn Charges

The Future Is Built By People Considering the Possible and Pushing Past It

Six Must-Read Blended Learning Models

Five Key Things To Consder in Order To Create and Sustain a Whole-School Philosophy of Teaching and Learning with Technology

Is Online Learning Transforming Education?

75 Education People You Should Follow

Malcolm Gladwell:  In Five Minutes What to Know to Pretend You've Read the New Book

You Can't Learn About Morality from Brain Scans:  The Problem with Moral Psychology

Why Your Childhood Is Crucial to How You'll Age

Child-Proofing Harry Potter

Middle School Football Team

25 Amazing Futuristic Technologies That Might Change the World

40 Maps That Help You Make Sense of the World

South Korea's Dreaded College Entrance Exam

10 Excellent Drawing Tools for Teachers and Students

The Best Ways to Modify The Picture Word Inductive Model for ELLs

Up In Arms





5 November 2013

Rethinking Arts and STEM

What Schools Can Learn from the Red Sox Victory

The Crash of the Common App

What Will College Be Like in 2023?

Busting the Top 10 Study-Abroad Myths

Teacher Respect Index:  China First; US = 9th

What Will 21st Century Directors of Admissions Do to Ensure Revenue Generation?

Successful Websites:  Eight Ways To Get People to Stick Around

Younger Players Face Greater Concussion Risk

ADHD Medication is a Hit for Red Sox Hero

The Power of Executive Candor

Five Management Mistakes That Can Come Back to Haunt You

A Beginner's Guide to Video-Conferencing

Protecting Children From Toxic Stress

Welcomed with Kisses, Stanford Freshmen Risk the Kissing Disease

US Teams Up with Operator of Online Courses to Plan a Global Network

NJ School District Cancels Testing After Exams are Leaked on the Internet

A Library of Classics Edited for the Teething Set

How a Radical New Teaching Method Could Unleash a Generation of Geniuses

Transforming Teens into Tomorrow's Tech Titans

Why Students' Failing Is Good For the Future Economy

Top Education Scholar Says Common Core is a Diversion for Genuine K-12 Education Reform

10 Tips for Science Teachers

12 Tips for Teaching Middle School Tech

How the Power of Interest Drives Learning

Augmented Reality Brings New Dimensions to Learning

Don't Forget the Thinking Part of Strategy!

Strategic Trends That Define Education Today

Education Integration:  How One Company is Revolutionizing Ed-Tech

A Quick Guide to the Big Facebook and Google Changes

Google Drive Workflows to Use With Students

The Digital Life

Online Education As An Agent of Transformation

Schools Using Mobile Apps to Reach On-the-Go Parents

Private Schools in Worcester Tackle Dyslexia!

14 Common Words That Didn't Exist 20 Years Ago

World Summit Awards

The Complete Guide to Not Being that Idiot Who Got the Company Hacked

Details in Wheeler Case Emerge (Tower Hill Head)

Horace Mann of he Potomac

Understanding Why Queen Bees Are Able to Hold Court

How Creative Are You?

Want to Be More Creative?  Turn Down the Lights

What Should Teacher Evaluations Measure?

The Hottest Job Skill Is….

NJ Top Commercial Banks

Pingry Sports in the News


31 October 2013

The Heart of the Matter:  The Humanities and Social Sciences for a Vibrant, Competitive, and Secure Nation

The Heartlessness of the Matter

An Insider Examines Chinese Student Recruitment

As Interest in the Humanities Fades, Colleges Worry

Should We Rethink How Long Students Spend in High School?

Five Key Strategies to Keep Kids Engaged At School

Seven Things Every Child Must Know Before He or She Goes Online

Teens Online:  Parental Guidance Suggested (by Rabbi Eli at Kushner)

Just Knowing These Eight Facts Can Make You Way More Productive

What Is The Most Important Trait a Leader Must Cultivate?

Surprising "Woo-Woo" Solutions for Becoming A Better Leader

How Professional Athletes Can Transform Into Heroes

How to Communicate After A Train Wreck

Now Amazon Is Just Giving Money Away

Eight Signs You're About to Hire the Wrong Person

Can You Train Your Brain to Make Better Decisions?

Sheryl Sandberg and the 10-Minute Meeting

Report:  States Need to Connect Teacher Evaluations to Other Quality Measures

Program Offers Help with Surviving Middle School

The Mind of a Middle Schooler:  How Brains Learn

The Flipped Classroom:  Learning Upside Down

Math and Project-Based Learning:  22 Amazing Resources

Key to Advancing Education Lies in Effective Application of Technology

eLearning News

Integrating Educational Technology in the Classroom

Revolutionizing Learning Experiences with the iPad

Working With Online Teachers:  Strategies for Success and Stories from the Field

Connection to Collaboration

Digital Kids:  How Children are Using Devices, Apps, and Media in 2013

Five Body Poses That Can Sabotage Success

Is Your Toddler Ready for Moby Dick?

New Survey Names NJIT Top University in the Country

Seven Great Mobile Apps for Admissions Officers on the Road

Nonpublic Girls Volleyball News


30 October 2013

In Flipped Classrooms, A Method for Mastery

For Students of Color, the Risks of Exclusion Are High

Five Signs That It's Time to Seek Outside Help for a Struggling Child

The Not-So-Hidden Cause Behind the ADHD Epidemic

Warily, Schools Watch Students on the Internet

Are You Competent?  Prove It!

Meet the Makers

A Bold Bid for Better Schools

Lists That Rank Colleges' Value Are On the Rise

Parenting Your Child in College

Schools Using Mobile Apps To Reach On-the-Go Parents

Three Student Successes with iPads

Twitter, Women, and Power

Education Job Market

YIP Teaches the Value of Civic Engagement

Protective Equipment Maker Creates Gear for Girls

Charity Watchdog Shakes Up Ratings To Focus on Results

Senator Raises Questions About Protecting Student Data

Parents File Bullying Charge After 91-0 Rout

Student-Teacher Ratios Vary Widely By State

How to Create Effective Homework

Identifying and Correcting Classroom Management Issues

Things to Remember When Doing Project-Based Learning

Teaching Students with ADHD


29 October 2013

Top 100 Inspirational Quotes

10 Skills for "Doing" School

What's Going On Here?  Using Art to Deepen Learning

Five Excellent Videos to Teach Your Students About Digital Citizenship

How You Handle Screen, Technology Time With Your Kids

Four Upcoming Technologies to Disrupt the Next Decade

How Digital Learning is Becoming the Fourth Literacy

How Video Games Are Getting Inside Your Head and Your Wallet

Concussions and the Classroom

School Has Become Too Hostile To Boys

What Schools Can Do to Help Boys Succeed

Boys Much More Likely To be Labelled With Special Needs

In Far-Away Congo, A Girl's Life Focused on School and Family

The Three Most Common Modeling Mistakes Teachers Make

Do Natural Teachers Need Qualifications?

The Lure of Living Near International Schools

Strategy Matters

Why Fighting Enemies Isn't Good For You

The Irresistible Future of Organizing

Twelve Time Management Habits to Master

Neil Blumenthal of Warby Parker on a Culture of Communication's-a-great-time-to-start-a-new-business-in-NJ-?utm_source=Listrak&utm_medium=Email&utm_term=http%3a//

Entrepreneurs Survey:  It's a Good Time to Start A New Business In NJ

Five Body Language Tips for Pitching to Investors

Five Things Super Successful People Do Before 8 a.m.

Eight Ways to Spot Great Leadership

15 Ways Principals Can Improve Communications With Students

Having It Both Says:  Building the Capacity of Individual Teachers and Their Schools,0,6866297.story#axzz2j1ohHcBj

At Harvard-Westlake, Some Wonder  If Standards Are Too High

Just Ask:  Harnessing the Power of Student Curiosity

Smarthistory and Khan Academy Bring Art History to Life

Students Use British Library Archive to Create 17th Century Virtual World

Algebra Doesn't Have To Be Scary

Resources for Teaching Fractions

Four Must-Reads for Blended Learning Models

Professors Create Virtual Classrooms with Adobe Connect

Three Apps to Turn Your iPad into an Interactive Whiteboard

Will Online Education Render the Traditional College Obsolete?

Florida:  The Online State

Demand for Online Education Seen Rising in Public and Private Schools

New Realities of Unified Communications in a Mobile World

If Google Glass Could Do This It Would Start A Revolution

Perceptual Computing:  Is It the Future?

Solar Schools Can Help Educate Kids About Clean Energy

Laughter and Learning

Alternative Programs Modernize Education

Australian Model:  Schools Have Teachers Also Learning in the Classroom

Are School Librarians Part of Your PBL Team?

Educators From China Seek to Learn from US Educators

Harvard EdCast:  Understanding a Bully

Raising Social Media Teens Means Constant Parental Learning


21 October 2013

Are Private Schools Worth It

Independent Schools:  How to Count the Cost of Add-Ons

How Are Private Schools Reacting to Common Core?

The Gap Between Schooling and Education

Technology Will Not Replace Teachers

Is Pitbull 'Mr. Education'?  Rapper Opens Charter School in Miami

Bullying Is Parents Big Fear as Children Start Secondary School

A New Approach to the Difficult Middle School Years

Technology For Learning Differences

Children with Learning Disabilities Don't Need More Opportunity to Fail

The Deadline for Some Colleges Are Delayed

This is What the Best College Students Do

Low Cost BA:  Starting Slowly in Two States

What Would An Ideal College Look Like?

Why Do Teachers Quit?

Establishing A Twitter Routine for Your Classroom

Learnpad vs. iPad and the Crowded Education Table

Filmmaker Turns to Education Reform, Gets 'Schooled'

How a Radical School Reform in Mexico Could Unleash a Generation of Geniuses

Hotchkiss Far Promotes Ecological Awareness

Milton Academy's Fortunes Rise on the Back of Resurgent Market

Black Boys Have An Easier Time Fitting In At Suburban Schools Than Black Girls

First Children Are Smarter--But Why?

Change Your Brain To Change Your Life

Shedding Stereotypes More Librarians Show Us Their Tats

Spankings Link to Bad Behavior

Regular Bedtimes Tied to Better Behavior

When Playing Video Games Means Sitting on Life's Sidelines

Tablet Makers Gear Up for Latest Skirmish

Top 11-20 Authoring Tools for 2013

Be As Creative As A Kindergartner

Quality Preschool is the Most Cost Effective Educational Intervention

An Industry of Mediocrity

Crash Course On Speaking In Tongues:  All 22 of Them

Are You Asking the Right Question?

17 October 2013

The 10 Commandments of Marketing

Do Your Students Know How to Search Well?

A Brief History of Boarding School Scandals

How to Salvage Solicitations that Go Bad

15 Tools for Lesson Planning

Connected Educator

Game-Based Learning in Practice

Resources to Improve Digital Citizenship

Adding Arts to STEM Boosts Curriculum

Three Simple and Fun Ways to Get Kids to Think Deeper and Inquire More

MOOCS Target K-12

Flipping the Field Trip!/on-air/as-seen-on/-Flipped-Classroom--Approach-in-NJ-School-Sees-Success/227904561

Flipped Classroom Approach in NJ Public HS Sees Success

Seven Signs Your School Needs A Technology Makeover

10 Themes That Will Define the Next Decade of EdTech

Facebook Eases Privacy Policies for Teens

School Acceptable Use Policies

Qualcomm to Build Neuro-Inspired Chips

Benefits of Synchronous and Asynchronous eLearning

Investing in the Teaching Profession

Refocusing Students:  How to Get Their Attention Back

Five Teaching Strategies to Keep Students From Turning Off Their Brains

Why You Must Lead Differently As Your Team Grows

What Facebook Tells Us About the Future of Leadership

Ben Franklin's Guide to Innovation

The Week's Best eLearning Articles


13 October 2013

Private Schools/Hidden Riches

Is Music the Key to Success?

Yo-Yo Ma and the Mindgame of Music

Invitation to a Dialogue:  Don't Teach to the Test (note written by a Gill St. Bernard's administrator!)

Over-Scheduled Children:  How Big a Problem?

Turning Education Upside Down:  Flipped Classroom

Why ABCs Matter As Much as 1,2,3

A Blueprint for Bringing Digital Tools into the Classroom

Evolving Classroom Education:  Where is K-12 Technology Headed?

What Should a School Be?

What Connected Learning Looks Like:  28 Examples from Teachers from All Over

Three Teaching Styles

The Key to Empowering Educators:  True Collaboration

Storyboarding Apps to Organize and Inspire Young Writers!

The Complete Guide To Service Learning:  book suggestion

The App Generation:  New Book About Kids These Days

Deciding Who Sees Student Data

Why are There Still So Few Women in Science?

How to Use the Do-Re-Mi Approach to College Applications

Online Application Woes Make Students Anxious and Put Colleges Behind Schedule

College Financial Aid

One in Seven Default on Student Loans

Colleges Identity Crisis

The Totally and Not Useless Humanities

Incredible Teacher Made Up a Curriculum To Get This Kid to Laugh At a Photosynthesis Joke

Bridging the Gap Between High School and College at a Price

For Better Social Skills Read Some Chekov

Four Things Introverts Do that Make Them Effective Leaders

Teaching Profession Missing Key Structures, Expert Teachers Say

What Teacher Do You Want?

Pupils Who Went To Elite School Now High-Flyers

In High School, a Blurry Line Between Coaching, Abuse

Success in Business as a Woman

A Striking Absence of Women

Finance Class on the Web For Students of All Ages (advice about retirement included)

Cheating's Surprising Thrill,1W941,5PBARD,6SQ7D,1

Toddler Brain Scan Gives Language Insight

Abandoning ERB Test?

Great German Words

A Bridge Between Western Science and Eastern Faith

Stubborn Skills Gap in American Work Force

Rich People Just Care Less

Parents Press for Attention to Programs for Gifted Students

How an Independent School Changed Its Food Program

For-Profits Dominate Market in Online Teacher Prep

Hits to the Head Don't Differ with Age Research Indicates

The Case Against High School Sports

The Digital Public Library of America:  A Wonderful Free Resource for Education

Smart Strategies That Help Students Learn How to Learn

High Schoolers on the Classroom of the Future

The Emergence of Virtual High Schools:  What You Need to Know

Are Your Virtual Students Engaged?

Virtual Schooling in the News

11 Things I Wish I'd Known Before Becoming a Tech Teacher

Why Games Will Be More Successful than Radio, TV, or MOOCS

eLearning News

Online Learning and Distance Education Are Alive and Well in Argentina

Can Mix of Teachers and Computers Lead to Pupil Success?

Project-Bassed Learning for iPads

The iPads Dramatic Effect on Special Education

Turning on Captions in Educational Videos Helps All Students

What Makes a Successful Tutor

Want a Harvard Business School Education?  You'll Soon Be Able to Get One Online with HBX

Pingry Sports in the News

30 September 2013

MOOCS and Learning Technology

Nine Things You Should Never Say to Teachers

Why Tough Teachers Get Good Results

What Teachers Want You to Know

NAIS PGP for Teachers and Supervisors of Teachers

Borne Digital Attacks Books for Digital Natives

Peril and Wonder in the Digital Age

Google Alters Search to Handle More Complex Queries

Personal Branding For Introverts

Universities Look For New Ways to Rank Themselves

Is the Power of Parent Talk Enough to Close the School Readiness Divide?

Q and A with KIPPS Dave Levin About Technology in Education

I:X Computing Aims to Tailor Digital Tools to Learning Tasks

A Nudge to Poorer Students to Aim High on Colleges

Looking For School Improvement Beyond Our Borders

Three Sisters (Not Chekov)

Children and Guns:  The Hidden Toll

Didn't Ace the SAT?  Just Design Microbe Transplant Research

Culture Warrior Gaining Ground

Should I Stop Assigning Homework?

Early Childhood Standards of Common Core are Developmentally Inappropriate

Nate Silver On Finding A Mentor, Teaching Yourself Statistics, and Not Settling In Your Career

Why Should Anyone Be Led By You?

24 September 2013

My Daughter's Homework Is Killing Me!

Impact of Unaddressed Mental Health Issues on Students is Severe

How To Understand the Deep Structure of Language

Moving to the Rhythm Can Help Language Skills

Education in America:  Make Foreign Languages Mandatory in Schools

Spanish Speaking to Increase in Non-Hispanics

How To Teach Vocabulary Under Common Core

Students Accused of Cheating Return Awkwardly to A Changed Harvard

Brains and Schools:  A Mismatch

Barnabas Expands Sports Physical Screenings to Each of Its Hospitals

Pen and Paper Exams to Be Axed Within a Decade

John Chubb's Blog:  If You Send Your Child to a Private School You're Not a Bad Person

Are School Employees Helping or Hurting Enrollment?

I-20 Schools Alert:  Host Family Arrested

Word of Mouth Marketing and the Possible Wasted Resources Being Poured Into Social Media for School Marketing

This Board Game Aims To Teach You Preschooler How to Code

France Moves to Say 'Mais Non' to Honey-Boo-Boos

Sexting, Shame, and Suicide in the Digital Age

Cows Have Accents and 1226 Other Quite Interesting Facts

Another Pep Talk From Kid President

Half Time Speech to Girls U8 Soccer Team

Changing the World One PB&J at a Time

School Gardens Plant Seed of Healthy Living

Confidence, Not Peer Pressure, Is Key to School Success, Researchers Say

13 Great Twitter Chats For Educators To Check Out

Education Companies Invest Time, Money in Startups

Coding the Curriculum

Private Schools Are Expected to Drop the Dreaded ERB as Entrance Exam

Collaborative Partnerships Give All Students the Right to Rise

Delaware's Tower Hill School Embraces New Approach to Learning

Growth Mindset Gaining Traction as School Improvement Strategy

Rumson Country Day Dedicates School Entrance to Honor Headmaster Chad Small

John Griffith Officially Installed as Ranney's Fourth Head of School

15 September 2013

Mother of Sandy Hook Victim Wrote Powerful Letter to Teachers

Creative Common Resources for Classroom Teachers

How to Close the Achievement Gap:  Arts Education

The Five Cognitive Distortions of People Who Get Stuff Done

Five Beliefs That Hold Teachers Back from Being Leaders

Students Have Their Say:  Exploring Ideas to Improve Science Education

Kid TEDx Talk:  We Could Save Lives if It Were Okay to Say These Four Words

Girl's Suicide Points to Rise in Apps Used in Cyberbullying

What Kinds of Teaching are Aided by Digital Tools?

It's Not Messiness, It's Creativity

Lifelines for Poor Children

When Complexity is Free

Embrace Your Age and Conquer the World

Disruptions:  Minecraft, An Obsession and an Educational Tool

Ready for the Learning Journey

Google Drive:  A Better Method for Giving Students Feedback

Six Questions To Ask Before Launching a BYOD Program

Virtual Educators Work to Protect Academic Integrity

Students Seeing Need for Social Media Classes

South Jersey Schools and Curricular Changes

Sloan Foundation Recognizes Mount Saint Mary Academy Teacher Kathleen Brennan

Kent Place School Teacher Featured About Special 9/11 Lessons


The Sunday Times Magazine Section had lots of good education articles this week.  Here are some:

No Child Left Untableted

Can Emotional Intelligence Be Taught

Football Isn't King.  Drama Is!  (I really like this article!)

How to Get a Job With a Philosophy Degree

The Boy Genius of Ulan Bator

Who Made That Built-In Eraser?

The Fear That Dare Not Speak Its Name

 6 September 2013

George Saunders Advice to Graduates  (worth reading)

John Chubb's Blog:  Technology and Teaching

The Opt-Out Generation Wants Back In

10 Worst Password Ideas as Revealed by Google

The Easy Way to Make Strong Passwords

What Data Can't Do

Study Finds Early Signs of Creativity in Adults

Which Came First:  The Waiting List or the Selective Admissions Office?

Sultans of Sustainability

Education Overhaul Faces a Test of Partisanship

Students Recall A School Run Like a Prison

Toyota Efficiency--Kaizen

Upheaval at the NYC Public Library

Benno Schmidt:  Mitch Daniel's Gift to Academic Freedom (note:  read for AP History)

Mom, Stop Calling!  I'll Text You All Day!

Pipeline through Princeton

Do We Have the Grit to Close the Skills Gap?

Online Classes

Technology Industry Extends a Hand to Struggling Print Media

Good Charity, Bad Charity

Why Men Need Women

The Importance of Commitments

A Responsibility to Give Back

Autism's Unexpected Link to Cancer

Risk of Adult Anxiety Seen in Children's Stomachaches

Sex on Campus:  She Can Play That Game, Too

28 August 2013

Stop Multitasking!

Managing with Empathy

When Your Spouse is Also Your Employee

Why Do So Many Incompetent Men Become Leaders?

Women Don't Need to Lead Better Than Men, They Lead Differently

Tell Me Something I Don't Know About Women in the Workplace

The Art of Irresistible Email

Keeping the First Day of School Excitement Alive

Waking Life:  50 Years Later

What CEOs Really Want from Coaching

Best and Brightest:  Only A Few Countries Are Teaching Children How to Think

Two Useful Tools to Keep Up With Raising Major Gifts

Benefits of Giving

When Facing Change Don't Delay the Pain

Make Time for the Work That Matters!

How Common Core Standards Will Succeed Even If They Don't!

This is How Students Actually Use Smartphones!

Five Mistakes to Avoid When Flipping Your Class

Morristown High School Recognized Nationally

Wrong Answer:  The Case Against Algebra II

Math Apps for Middle School Students

Linking Real-World Science to Schools

In the Digital Age, How to Get Students Excited About Going Outdoors

NJIT Hosts TED Talk

New Words Added to Dictionary

Back to School With iPads

Will Gaming Save Education or Just Waste Time?

Apps for Common Core Skills

Using Mobile Technology to Further STEM Lessons,0,4640365.story

School is Paying a Firm to Monitor Students Online

Starting the School Year With a Sense of Humor

New Chemical Element to be Added to the Periodic Chart

Why Nonprofits Need to be Storytellers

Eleven Things Science Shows Will Make You Happier Every Day

Get Ready:  MOOCS Are Coming to K-12 Education

Arnie Duncan and Sal Khan and Tech Can Never Replace Great Teachers

Hit the Mark With Digital Exit Cards

What Teachers Want to Tell Parents

Eight Tips to Redesign Your Classroom

Three Website Tips that Build Traffic and Dollars

Tips for Finding Donors with Search Engines

How to Nail Your Presentation in the Last 30 Seconds

NJ Loses 12,000 Jobs in July

Home Prices Rise in NJ

New Math and Science School Appoints Former Illinois Secretary of Education (PRISMS in Princeton)

The Obama Setback for MInority Education

Promoting Equity State by State, School by School

Do You Believe in You?

Financing a Private School Education:  The Role of Financial Aid

Technology in the Classroom:  Is Your School in Compliance?

Ashton Kutcher Acceptance Speech  (get beyond the screaming teens.  His message would be good for Middle School advisory conversations)

Privacy and Smartphone Photos

25 Most Literary Colleges

What Science Says About Handedness

The Secrets of Language Super-Learners

Singing Changes Your Brain

Einstein and Creative Thinking:  Music and the Intuitive Art of Scientific Imagination

The Politics of Being Friends with White People

Seven Secrets of Highly Happy Children

Why the Woman Who "Has It All" Doesn't Really Exist--Excerpt from Debora Sparr's new book

Why French Kids Don't Have ADHD

French Kids Do Have ADHD

Master's Degree is New Frontier of Study Online

On Balancing Intensity and Kumbaya

21 June 2013

Small School, Big Wonder (Article about NJAIS member-school Doane Academy)

Does Putting Your Child in Private School Pay Off/

Measuring Student Achievement Through Arts Education

The Humanist Vocation

Into the Woods and Away From Technology

Mapping America.  Interesting Census Data

Biometrics and the Future of Identification

Video Sessions and Highlights from the Cloud Gathering Conference in LA (My friend J. Forrest Hunter is on the panel for "Digital Video Platform")

Reading Fiction Boosts Empathy and Reduces Discomfort with Uncertainty

CASE:  Five Steps to Prevent Burnout

Why Is It So Hard to Hire Great People?

China's Huge Problem of Cheating in Schools

Why I Regret Being a Stay-At-Home Mom

Spanish Teacher to Use DyKnow Software in the Classroom

Conference in the Bahamas Offers Lessons for US Educators to Share

Getting Started with Twitter in the Classroom

How Schools and Librarians are Embracing the "Maker" Model

Inspiring Others:  Leadership Manifesto

What to Ask When Incorporating Technology in the Classroom

What Are the Characteristics of a Leading STEM School?

STEM Stories of Girls and Technology

Raising the Next Bill Gates

Using Zombies to Teach Geography

Affirmative Action Ruling Contest:  Race vs. Class

Critics of the Liberal Arts are Wrong,9171,2145048,00.html

A Is for Adaptive

Three Signs You Were Meant to Be a Leader

Learning Thought Game-Making.  What the Research Does and Doesn't Say

The Promise of iPads for Special Ed

Alternative Routes to Teaching Become More Popular Despite Lack of Evidence

Assessing the New Common Core Tests

Using Student Data to Engage Families

Seven Myths About Cage-Busting Leadership

Beyond the Brain

A Lifeline for Minorities, Catholic Schools Retrench

Bedtime with Puritans and Wild Things

Checking Out:  An Article About Bosses

How Reading Makes Us More Human


22 August 2013

Saying Goodbye to My Child, the Youngster  (read especially if you are dropping a child off at college)

Beloit College Annual Language Mindset for the Class of 2017

You Only Get One "First Day of School"

Four Essential Principles of Blended Learning,0,2617601.story

Virtual STEM University in CT

Computer Games for Teaching Science and Math

Creativity is the Secret Sauce in STEM

Social Studies Teachers Reflect On What They Wish They Had Known

Email Dos and Don'ts for Educators

Creating a Feedback-Rich Culture

New Frontiers in Formative Assessment

ACA and Health Plans

Obama Unveils Plan on College Affordability

Impatience as a Leadership Virtue

Three Amazing Sales Lessons You Can Learn from An Indian Street Kid

Customer Service Skills

Being Impeccable With Your Word

How to Lead Super-Productive Meetings

13 Simple Ways You Can Have More Meaningful Conversations

National Coalition for Technology in Education and Training Had a Meeting in DC in July

Schools Must Develop WRITTEN 403b Plans--Deadline 31 December!

Background Checks.

Another Article on Background Checks

NCES Releases Private School Data

12 More Join Molestation Suit at Yeshiva University High School

A Simple Device to Detect Concussions

Coding Is a Graduation Requirement

How Distracting Are Laptops in Class?

Debunked Right-Brain and Left-Brain Personalities

The Next Civil Rights Frontier

High Schools Recruiting Asian Students

John Hunter Spoke on the Diane Rehm Show

What Happened At Deerfield

Young Donors Are Turned Off By Out-of-Date Websites

A Teacher Gets Depressed:  A Real Story in Comics

Young People Push Back on Gender Classifications

Don't Make Your Child the Exception to Every Rule

Schools Seeking To Arm Employees Hit Hurdle on Insurance

Why Schools Aren't Businesses:  The Blueberry Story

Parents Sue--Auction Offering

Feds' Advice on School Intruders Worries Some Educators


14 August 2013

Understanding STEM Education Funders

Environmentalism in Independent Schools--and Others.  (Lawrenceville mentioned)

For Students, A Rigorous Test for Learning (article about NJ SEEDS)

The Common Core:  Why Some Independent Schools Are Signing On

Researchers See Video Games as Testing, Learning Tools,1RBA7,5PBARD,69MQZ,1

Private School Pupils Monopolizing University Spots

Getting More Done In Less Time

Four Time Management Tips for the Chronically Overworked

Refresh Your Practice:  10 Ways to Improve Your Teaching Skills

PEN Literary Awards Announced

Financial Literacy for Students

Educational Calculator Makes Students Think

NJ Schools Honored for Technology-Education Programs

Facebook Teachers' Guide Launched

Online Etiquette

Students Challenge Social Media Policy

Disconnect Kids

How the Right Font May Improve Teaching and Learning

Common Core Poses Big Challenge for Students, Bug Opportunity for Teachers

Teachers:  Preparing for Your Best Year Ever

Horace Mann Sues Insurers to Cover Abuse Liability

Accreditation Article

Are You Too Masculine To Be a Good CEO:  The Athena Doctrine

Study Shows Female Bosses Get Paid Less

Five Opportunities for Boosting Employee Engagement

After the "Ask," the Follow-Up Plan

Tech Jobs Growing Like Weeds in NJ

Some NJ Schools Delay OPening for Jewish New Year

New Guidelines Call for Broad Changes in Science Education (includes info on the Next Generation Science Standards NGSS

Ranney and Pingry Recognized for PR and Publications

Vote Stalled on Dissolving Rutgers Board of Trustees

Court Rules Teachers Can Be Tried for Alleged Sex While on Overseas Trip

Job Outlook Bleak in South Jersey

NJSIAA and Attorney General Cracking Down on High School Taunting

Watching Out for the 'Invisible' Child:  Making Your Class Truly Inclusive

Thoughts on Selecting Books For Reluctant Readers

How Online Education Creates a Global Classroom

How Leaders Lose Wars By Winning Battles

10 Employee Conversations That Managers Hate To Have

Improve Concentration at Work

A Global Perspective on Educating Boys

Leading Girls' School Launches Exam Where It's Okay Not to Get Everything Right

Student Loan Debt Crisis in Nine Charts

Snapshots of Days-End for Teachers

16 June 2013

A Queen's Message to Girls

Giving Good Praise to Girls:  What Messages Stick

These Children Are Our Future

Private Preschools See More Public Funds as Classes Grow

Is a Hybrid Public-Private School the Way to Go?

Even Pessimist Feel Optimistic Over US Economy

K-12 Education Tech Trends to Watch

Financial Literacy:  Why Your Kid Gets an F

Big Push for Mandatory Personal Finance Classes in School

Five Questions to End the School Year

Transformation Begins with Reflection:  How Was Your Year?

Study Gauges Value of Technology in Schools

Rapid Rise Seen in Use of Digital Tools for Professional Development

STEMbite Teaching with Google Glass

Tech and Education Leaders Talk STEM Challenges

Tech Firms Push for Mandatory Computer Classes

AP Adds New Computer Science Test

A New Education Declaration for Genuine School Reform

Practical Teaching Guide for Engaged Teaching

In Student Housing Luxury Overshadows Studying

Seeking Expose, Students End Up in Jail

A Workout for Your Brain On Your Smartphone

Census Benchmark for White Americans:  More Deaths Than Births

Birthday Song's Copyright Leads to Lawsuit

How Rock n Roll Can Explain the US Economy

Doctors to Vote On Whether Cheerleading is a Sport

Summers Out:  Five Great Summer Reads for Teens

What Kids are Reading In School and Out

Amid Dropping Test Scores, Teen Writers Creativity Soars

How to Prevent Summer Brain Drain

New Ads Still Warn A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Cooper Union Students Fight for Freedom From Tuition

Should School Have Told Police About Teacher's Child Porn?

GOP Bill On Schools Would Set Fewer Rules

Grouping Students By Ability Regains Favor With Educators

Facebook Made Me Do It

The Distinct Positive Impact of a Good Dad

Gates Foundation Makes Nice with Teachers

Teachers' Letters to Bill Gates

The Many Faces of Teacher Activisim

Strengthen Teacher-Training Programs

Teacher Prep Training

NC Legislature Makes Cursive and Multiplication Tables Mandatory

Teachers Were Heroic Protectors

Transition Resources for Teachers, Administrators, and Parents

Is Yo Here to Stay?

Research in the Digital Age:  It's More than Finding Information

Student Creativity:  License and Limits

US Teens More Competitive in Science than Thought

6 June 2013

New Princeton Boarding School

The Sky Isn't Falling On Independent Schools

Why Private Schools Are Dying Out

Horace Mann Apologizes for Abuse

Survey:  Learning 21st Century Skills Linked to Work Success

Flipping the Classroom to Focus on Students

Why K-12 Learning Isn't Really Revolutionizing Teaching

Technology and the Classroom:  Girls Face Greater Challenges Balancing Digital Learning and Social Lives

Three Teenage Thinkers with Big Ideas for Energy

Teenagers are Wired for Peer Approval, Study Says

Could This Re-imagined Traveling Carnival Get Kids Hooked on Science?

Proper Role of Ed-Tech in Pre-K a Rising Issue

Is Coding the New Second Language?

The Importance of Foreign Language Learning

Why Team Sports Really Improve Grades:  Link Between Self-Esteem and Better Classroom Performance

How to Learn to Read a Room

What If Finland's Great Teachers Taught in US Schools?

Lessons from the Best Commencement Speakers

Eight Best Success Tips from the 2013 Commencement Speeches

How to Motivate Your People

Recent Rash of Student Suicides Could be a Contagion

Technology and Mindfulness

In Dubai, Plans for Schooling Start at Birth (or Before)

Why American Colleges Are Becoming a Force for Inequity

Psychiatry's Change of DSM Fuels Debate

This is Your Brain on Coffee

Teachers Ask About Mission They Lived By

Power to the Preschoolers


24 May 2013

Why Do I Teach?

Apps for Disaster Planning

Four Best Weather Sites

Stephen Colbert's Graduation Speech at UVA

Arianna Huffington's Smith College Commencement Speech

The Graduation Advice We Wish We'd Been Given

Truths for Our Daughters

It's Your Career:  Seven Dos and Don'ts for the Newly Minted MBA

Twitter CEO Admits to Mistakes

Daniel Dennett's on Thinking

Two Lists You Should Look At Every Morning

In Praise of Middle Managers

Inside Google's Secret Lab

Defining My Dyslexia

Lonely Island Sings of Semi-Colons

What Our Words Tell Us

Why Creative People are So Complex

Still Charting Memory's Depths

Why a Teens Circle of Friends Matters in Education

High School Students Taking More Math and Science Classes

Personal Learning Networks:  Advice from the Trenches

Standing Out from the Crowd

Posh Schools Scold Parents Who Send Nannies

Hotchkiss Educates Students With Biomass Heating Facility

The Changing Face of Community College

Q and A on the Shell Game of College Aid

Boy Scouts Vote to Allow Gay Members

Boy Scouts To Admit Openly Gay Youths

Benefits of Talk Therapy

Some of My Best Friends Are Germs

Willow School Students Learn Value of Farm-Table Movement


15 May 2013

What If Finland's Great Teachers Taught in US Schools?  Not What You Think (good article. Worth reading!)

In a Shift, Police Advise Taking an Active Role to Counter Mass Attacks

When Helping Hurts,9171,2143001,00.html

Millenials:  The Me, Me, Me Generation

The Story of Kyle  (Graduation and Anti-Bullying Speech.  Worth the short read)

Money Cuts Both Ways in Education

Q and A on the Shell Game of College Aid

The Way You Think About Adulthood

Student Loan Debt Weighing Down Younger US Workers

What We Nurture  (Krista Tippett with Sylvia Boorstein on Parenting)

Nightingale-Bamford Girls Won the 2013 Technovation Award for Creating a Student Attendance App (some of these are girls admitted on my watch!)

What If People Told European History Like They Told Native American History?

5 Steps to Overhaul Teaching (hip-hop and different 5 C's)

Working to Improve Nutrition in Schools

Words That Last

If You're Talking Social Media with a Job Candidate, Discuss with an Attorney

7 May 2013

CONTEST Seeks Photos of Great Teaching

TED Teams Up with PBS for Education Program  (tonight-Tuesday)

Is This How You Really Talk?

Teachers Should Ignore Shakespeare's Boring Scenes

Asperger's and Job Interviews

Business Schools Assessing Applicants Emotions

The Science of Serendipity in the Workplace

Sign Language Gaining in Popularity

Meetups Help Spark Foreign Language Learning

Web Content Creaters Focus on Spanish-Speaking Consumers

The Benefits of Being Bilingual

Vietnam"s Bilingual Experiment

French Universities to Teach 1% of Classes in English

Japan to Offer More Scholarships for Students to Study Overseas

Learning to Lead

Lead Like Your Mom

Being Nice is Not a Sign of Weakness

How Many Teachers Will We Need by 2015?

Figuring Out How to Give Teachers Useful Feedback

America's Best High Schools (a very odd ranking!)

11 More Donors Sign the Pledge

You Can Kick It!  Girls Are Permitted to Play Sports at Saudi Arabian Schools for the First Time

Boys Are Facing Double Risk for Depression Hong Kong Study Shows

Harvard Lawsuit Highlights ADHD Medication Problems

Why Congress Should Go to the Westtown School

ACT Exam Going Digital

More Than 200 Colleges Are Still Taking Applications for Fall 2013

Study Says 16% of High Schoolers Been Victims of Cyberbullying

The Best Little Boy in the World…That's Me

New Course Recommended for High School

Experienced and New Teachers Learn from Each Other in Technology

NJ District Limiting Staff Facebook Use

How to Use Nonfiction to Teach Writing

A Musical Message for Children on Healthy Eating

What Schools Can Learn from the Apple Store

Dear College Graduates...

3 May 2013

Is This The Best Education Money Can Buy (about AVENUES)

The Art of Teaching

A Sense of Where You Are

A School Brings Brain Research to the Center of its Curriculum (A lot of people are talking about this Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning at St. Andrew's Episcopal School)

Using Research and Experimentation to Advance Practice

No Rich Kid Left Behind

Statute Prevents Pursuit of Horace Mann Abuse

Rethinking Difficult Parents

How to Talk to Kids About Tragedy

Tragedy, Trauma, and Coping

There Seems To Be a Universal Brain Response to Music

Is the Lunchroom Layout the Key to Healthier Lunches?

Google Death:  A Tool To Take Care of your Gmail When You're Gone

Relationships Are More Important than Ambition

App for All:  Should Every School Build Its Own Mobile App?

Exploring the Link Between Charters and Private School Enrollment

Why Some Kids Can Handle Pressure While Others Fall Apart (worth re-posting as we approach exams),1G98S,5PBARD,4XCX3,1

Girls' School Holds "Blow Your Own Trumpet" Week

You Got In.  Now, Please Come  (admissions yield article)

Anti-Bullying Article (Just another example of how we nonpublic schools avoided these distractions by remaining out of the law!),0,3567750.story

Millenials and Stress

Six Ways TV Affects Your Brain and Sperm

A 10K Degree (Your Price May Vary)

Teaching Financial Literacy

The Problem with Paying the Scholarship Game

Relax.  You'll Be More Productive

Battling College Costs a Paycheck at a Time

The Secret to Fixing Bad Schools

Common Core and Creativity through Nonfiction

Common Core and Uncertainty

Saying Goodbye to Titles and Hello to Responsibilities

Warren Buffet Tells Coke's CEO to Study Failure

NewSchools Venture Fund for Education

Innovation is a Question of Luck Says Tech Visionary

Is It Time to Create Your Own Succession Plan

AP Program Isn't All Its Cracked Up to Be

Is it Terrorism?

Willow School Breaks Ground on Latest Green Building

Stay Firm in NOT Using State Testing

Americans Test Better Than Previously Thought

Tutoring and Math

Are New Online Standardized Tests Revolutionary?  Decide for Yourself

Evidence-Based Education

For Storytelling Projects, Cool New Multi-media Tools

Peer Pressure to Smoke

Importance of Learning Empathy

Six Ways to Make the Most of RESPECT

Want a Better Teacher Evaluation System?  Ask a Teacher

Leaders Help Teachers Through Observations Not Criticism

Battle Ground Academy Hires Interim (and current Head heads to Ranney!)

Moorestown Friends Athlete in the News

15 April 2013

Teachers.  Will We Ever Learn?

Your Phone vs. Your Heart

Making the Final College Decision

College Acceptance Rates 2013

Two, Three Essays?  More Can Mean Less

Creative People Article

How to Make Better Decisions

26 Time Management Hacks I Wish I'd Known at 20

Core Curriculum Puts Education Experts at Odds

Mentors are Good; Sponsors are Better

Tired of Waiting, Employers Provide Just-in-Time Education

Research Shows that Online Education Works for Sex, Alcohol, and Health

Online Promising Small Classes and College Credit

Study Backs Liberal Arts but Questions Graduates' Competence

A Liberal and Liberating Education

The iZone and the Valley of Death

What the Power Quartet Didn't Say

Today's Teachers are Formed From a Different Mold

Understanding the Role of Collaborative Educational iPad Games

Grading Papers

Top-Performing Schools with Elite Students (ugh.  ranking!)

Japan Tops Asian University Ratings

Kerry:  Foreign Students Afraid to Study in US Due to Gun Violence

Captain Underpants is Most Controversial Book

Cursive Handwriting Disappearing from Public Schools

Edmondo:  Social Collaboration for Teachers

Ways to Observe Teachers Without Demoralizing Them

High School Students Doing Your Taxes for Free

Importance of Pushing Digital Education

Resources to Teach Students about Finance

The Power of Talking to Your Baby

Lessons on Domestic Diplomacy

What the Brain Can Tell Us About Art

Getting a Brain Boost Through Exercise

Do Ball Chairs Offer Benefits?

15 April 2013

Teachers.  Will We Ever Learn?

Your Phone vs. Your Heart

Making the Final College Decision

College Acceptance Rates 2013

Two, Three Essays?  More Can Mean Less

Creative People Article

How to Make Better Decisions

26 Time Management Hacks I Wish I'd Known at 20

Core Curriculum Puts Education Experts at Odds

Mentors are Good; Sponsors are Better

Tired of Waiting, Employers Provide Just-in-Time Education

Research Shows that Online Education Works for Sex, Alcohol, and Health

Online Promising Small Classes and College Credit

Study Backs Liberal Arts but Questions Graduates' Competence

A Liberal and Liberating Education

The iZone and the Valley of Death

What the Power Quartet Didn't Say

Today's Teachers are Formed From a Different Mold

Understanding the Role of Collaborative Educational iPad Games

Grading Papers

Top-Performing Schools with Elite Students (ugh.  ranking!)

Japan Tops Asian University Ratings

Kerry:  Foreign Students Afraid to Study in US Due to Gun Violence

Captain Underpants is Most Controversial Book

Cursive Handwriting Disappearing from Public Schools

Edmondo:  Social Collaboration for Teachers

Ways to Observe Teachers Without Demoralizing Them

High School Students Doing Your Taxes for Free

Importance of Pushing Digital Education

Resources to Teach Students about Finance

The Power of Talking to Your Baby

Lessons on Domestic Diplomacy

What the Brain Can Tell Us About Art

Getting a Brain Boost Through Exercise

Do Ball Chairs Offer Benefits?



April 2013

Email Dos and Don'ts for Educators

How Finland's Schools Help Students Find Their Voice

A Simple Way to Send Poor Kids to College

Common Core Standards and Standardized Testing

The BYOT Movement's Socioeconomic Problem

Predictions for the Future of Education Technology

Flipping the Classroom:  A Revolutionary Approach Presents Some Pros and Cons

Princeton Students Urged to Find Mate and Marry Early

Social Media Helps to Preserve Mexico's Unwritten Languages

Google Unveils Chinese YouTube

French Pen Pals

Are Schools Getting Tongue-Tied?  ELL

Tablet Technology in China

Private School Costs Rise

Episcopal Schools Go Global

Michelle Rhee, A Private School Parent?

Classroom Laughs Can Extend Beyond April Fools Day

National Poetry Month:  Resources for Teachers

Obama Outlines Brain Mapping Initiative

Coach Rather Than Teach Students

Tips to Support Education, Risk Communications

Deeper Learning and the Common Core

Creating a Character Compass

Bad Behavior May Be Good For Learning?

Girls Marked Up in Lessons to Reward Good Behavior

Fewer Australian Students Are Studying Asian Languages

More Children in China Learning About Gandhi



29 March 2013

$41.7  million Verdict Against Hotchkiss in China Trip Case

Hysteria Strikes Mumbai School Kids

Tips for Beating the Clock in the Classroom

How to Get Hesitant Teachers to Use Technology

Honors Classes:  A Need for Greater Diversity

Diverse Education:  Greater Investment Needed in Top Students at Poor Schools

How Teachers are Hacking Their Own Digital Textbooks

Popular US History and Government Blog

Popular Engineering Program Targets Elementary Students

China Increases Classroom Technology

State of New Jersey Stepping in with Camden's Troubled Schools

Washington Post of Words and Phrases to Avoid

Why Some Kids Flourish and Others Fail Under Pressure

Male Teacher Charged with Sexual Assault at Miss Porter's

Gun-Toting Teachers?  Florida House Panel Votes Yes

Music in the Schools Series

Improving Environmental Literacy

Is the IPad Still the Gold Standard in Education?

Samsung Creativity Institute

How to Confront a Performance Problem

Internationalism in a Boarding Community

26 March 2013

Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Music Class

Sequestration Cuts May Force Morris Head Start to Turn Away Kids

Resources for April Fools Day Lesson Plans

School Security and Self-Defense Training

Save Web Stories to Read on Your Kindle, Smartphone, or Tablet

How Fundraisers Can Find Satisfaction on the Job

Wait, Wait, Let's Raise Money

Why Lean In Isn't Just for Women

Want to Lean In?  Try a Power Pose

The Power of Hope

Leadership Lessons from Margaret Thatcher

For Real Influence, Listen Past your Blind Spots

Why Would Anyone Want to be a School Leader?

How You Can Benefit From All Your Stress

Recognition for Crisis Management

Smart Bosses Give People Jobs They Aren't Ready For

Take Control of Your Time

10 Communication Secrets of Great Leaders

How Leaders Can Improve Their Coaching

Private School Squash Programs Broaden Their Appeal

Crew Moves to Urban Areas

Imagine a World Without Hate

Teachers, Students, Digital Games:  What's the Right Mix?

Cyber-Security Recruiting Hackers from High School

Steps to Help Schools with IT Risk Assessment

STEM in the Connected Classroom

Five Tools to Help Students Learn How to Learn

Grouping Students by Ability

Could Robots Help Teach Social Skills?

Lesson Planning and Classroom Management

Generation Naive

7 March 2013

Morristown-Beard Security in the News

Good Grammar Should Be Everyone's Business

What Makes a Leader?

The Good, Racist People

Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In

Noodle Education and John Katzman Featured on PBS (college counselors take special note)

Getting In Without the SAT

College Admissions Roulette:  Ask for Financial Aid or Not?

Inequity on Campus

Capitalists for Preschool

Nurturing Creativity

Fort Lee School District to Merge Some AP and IB Classes

Young Chinese Translate America One Show at a Time

How Do iPads Effect Learning

March is National Nutrition Month.  Web Resources

School Breakfast

Can A Radical New Treatment Save Children with Severe Allergies?

Three Innovating Ways to Connect with Parents Via Technology

Resources for Celebrating Pi Day

Eight Ways to Celebrate the Magnificent Middle

What Does "Design Thinking" Look Like in School

Math Lessons Through Dr. Seuss

News Corp Has a Tablet for Schools

Tracing Technology's Unintended K-12 Effect

Why Texting 'LOL' May Be Making You Smarter

Seeking To Cut Down on Cyberbullying

Ten Ways to Start Using Skype in the Classroom

How Should Social Media Be Taught in Schools

Teaching the Last Backpack Generation

What Motivates Students

Nonprofits Need to Compete for Top Talent

Move Over Goldman

Gill St. Bernard's Sports in the News

4 March 2013

Don’t Have Enough to Worry About?  Here’s One More Thing:  Low Growth May Be Here to Stay

Girl Rising Documentary Used Social Media for Marketing

A CEO’s Guide to Leadership Development

Humility Works for Leaders (Echoing Jim Collins at NAIS!)

Teacher Standoff Stokes Debate Over Standardized Tests

Six Strategies That Motivate ALL Students to Participate

Way Beyond Recess:  Creating an Outdoor Classroom

Top Five iPad Apps for All Content Areas

When Bullying Goes High-Tech

Teaching Values

Character Education

How Serious Play Leads to Breakthrough Innovation

Homework or Not?  That is the Research Question

Teaching 2.0.  Is Tech in the Classroom Worth the Cost?

Building Capacity for Connected Educators

Going Paperless.  Studies Look Into the Effectiveness of Learning with iPads

Creating an Online Student Lounge

How Cockroaches are Helping Scientists Design Better Robots

Amazon Kindle and Family Reading Program

Does Thinking Too Hard Wear You Out?

Schools Celebrate Dr. Seuss

Person in KKK Robe Spotted at Oberlin

From 9 Feb 2013

Why Can Some Kids Handle Pressure While Others Fall Apart?

13% Enrollment Growth at the Canterbury School of Florida--NJ Schools can learn from this perhaps

Deerfield Misconduct Notice

The Global Search for Education:  What Will Finland Do Next?

Introverted Kids Need to Learn to Speak Up at School

Susan Cain's Book Quiet

NY Times Dismantels Environmental Reporting Desk

Digital Divide is Emerging for Girls, Woman

Distruptive Trends to Watch in 2013

Sitting is the Smoking of Our Generation

Transform 2013 By Turning Goals into Questions

Pupils Should Get Lessons in Manners and Punctuality

When Students Lie

STEAMING up Educaton:  ASCD Conference

Middle Schoolers Using Smart Phones

Metric vs Imperial System in Maths

Teacher Teaches Math Through Music

Using Alternative Narratives in the US History Survey

Yeshiva of the Future to Open in Bergen County

New App Gives Students a Palpable Sense of Anne Frank's Life

Teachers Embrace Digital Learning Strategies

Moving to the Cloud

Social Media in K-12 Classrooms

The Secret to Cultivating Leadership Charisma

How Poor Leaders Become Good

Bad Leaders Can Change Their Spots

Unexpected Factors That Change How We Forecast the Future

Why Leadership Requires Prudence and Temperance

Leadership and Gender

Experts to the Classroom

Coaching Teachers is Harder Than I Thought

Educational Leadership Issue on Creativity

Best Leadership Books of 2012

Playtime:  Affectionate, Less Controlling Mothers Have Better Relationships with CHildren

Dalton Admissions Nightmare

More On Dalton Admissions-Development Mistake

Collegiate School NYC Plans its 17th Move, but First Since 1892

Schools Can Be Successful in Academics and Athletics

More UK Schools Own and Operate Farms

Two Things Japanese Students are Learning at Lunch

A Long Struggle for Equity in Schools

Five Online Courses Are Eligible for College Credit



From 12 Dec 2012

Shakespeare:  10 Quotes That Will Make You a Better Leader

Countdown to iPads at Kellman Brown Academy;jsessionid=a8301f934cfcab93a8765a19805c4f10536e?articleid=3109

MOOCS on the Move:  How Cousera is Disrupting the Traditional Classroom

A la Carte School:  States Test a New Model

Teach to Each Child's Intelligence

Sir Ken Robinson Updates Do Schools Kill Creativity

Building Connected Educator Month

Three Tips for Teachers New to Twitter

SmartBoards Make Way for EDUCREATIONS

Full STEAM Ahead:  STEM, Arts, and 21st Century Learning

Five Reasons Less Is More When It Comes to STEM

Teaching Artists and the Future of the Arts

Using Technology in the Classroom the Right Way

Physical Activity and Digital Learning

Digital Wake-Up Call and Online Assessments

Digital Divide Hits College Admissions

Do Video Games Rot Your Brain?

When Am I Ever Going to Use Algebra?  The Real World Utility of Classroom Learning

Educational Apps For Young Children Growing Rapidly

Fit Kids Finish First on the Field and in the Classroom Research Shows

Vocabulary Test Results Indicate US Losing Ground

A Reminder to Have What is Really Important:  Gratitude

Does Success Lead to Happiness?

Three Ways to Behave Yourself to Better Leadership

The Call to Lead

Autism and Air Pollution

Marketing to Kids

Pingry Sports in the News

From 19 Nov 2012

Why Do So Many Teachers Quit Their Jobs?  They Hate Their Bosses

Using Just 10% of Your Brain?  Think Again

Standardized Tests a Foreign Concept in Finland

Does Homework Translate Into Better Test Scores?

Teacher Explains Why He Stopped Giving Homework

Teaching Science Through Hip-Hop

Students Teaching Their Teachers How to Use Technology

Teenage Boys Worried About Body Image Take Risks

Should Students Use Wikipedia?

Addressing Bullying:  Schoolwide Solutions

Consortium to Offer Semester Online Courses (John Katzman is involved in this venture)

Online Courses to Be Evaluated for Possible College Credit

Financial Troubles Add to Student Burden Before Graduation

Our College Crisis

Amherst President Tackles Sexual Assault Crisis

Class-Based vs Race-Based Admissions

Swedish School De-Emphasizes Gender Lines (starting in early childhood education)

Enrollment In Charter Schools Growing

How To Live Without Irony

App Creators

Ghost Education

NJ Teacher Evaluation Compared to Other States

Chris Christie Drops By SNL

From 6 Nov 2012

From 26 October 2012

Case Study:  The Transition to Smarter Classrooms (with quote from Rabbi Moshe Schwartz from Kellman Brown Academy)

National Day on Writing

Speak, Memory:  The Secrets of Learning a Foreign Language

School Admissions Marketing on Facebook and Twitter

Integrating the 16 Habits of Mind

What Can Be Learned from France's No-Homework Proposal

Why Pushy Parents Fail to Make the Grade In Education

Online Learning Conference Growing Rapidly--Like the Industry

Admitted, But Left Out

Online Ed Required for High School Graduation

LA Times to Publish Files on Boy Scouts Sex Abuse Inquiries

Sidwell Friends Evacuated

Student Loans Discouraged

Allies Across Boundaries

The Art of a Well-Rounded Education

Apple Sees Schools Buoying Tablet Lead with iPad in Class

Website Helps Teachers Earn Extra Money with Exchange of Ideas

Facebook and Microsoft Helped Develop UK Computer Science Curriculum

Brits Use News and Hobbies for Literacy Skills

Follett Challenge on 21st c. Teaching--$200,000 Prize for Teachers

China Beefs Up Inspections of Schools

Company In China Prepares Students for Foreign Study

Spotting Specific Language Difficulties:  Signs for Teachers

Soon History Will Come Alive Again in Class--UK

NJ Superintendant Salary Article

Nonprofit Leaders Urge Obama and Romney to Protect Tax Break

You Have to Speak for the Work

Playing the Part of Leader

Celebrating National Character Counts Week

Storytelling iPad apps and Web Tools

Keeping the "T" in STEM

Baseball-Themed Lessons for the World Series

Chromebooks Help Raise the Bar

Data is  More than Test Scores

Payment in Lieu of Taxes Do Little To Help Cities Study Finds  (PILOTS)

Income and Financial Aid--Battle on Urban Baby

Sal Khan on The Rise of the Tech-Powered Teacher

Benefits Seen in Considering Income for Colleges Admissions

Scientific Inquiry Among the Preschool Set

Greenwich Magazine with nice articles from Doug Lyons and others

Lifting Schools via Healthier Food

The College Ranking Racket

What to Do If Your School Bans a Useful Website

Should There Be An International Certified Teacher?

Resources from Change By Design

Artsy is Mapping the World of Art on the Web

Race and Admissions

From Garage Bands to Marching Bands:  Five Tips for Musicians Applying to College

My Private School Guilt

Common Core Catches On With Some Private Schools

With Wealth and Values:  New School in Mercer County

Seix Academy

 Chatham Day School in the News with New Building OPening and Dedication

Civics Education

Civics Education Found Lacking in Most States

Video Games That Bring Civics Class to Life

Most Educators Like Online Grading Systems, Columnists Finds

Research Progressing on a Robot That Can Improvise

American Students Can Benefit from Singapore Math

Retired CEO Says US Needs to Invest More in STEM

Study Links Student Boredom to Stress

Got Engineers?  Study Legos

Entrepreneurial Education  (Be sure to hear Dr. Yong Zhao at the NJAIS Conference on Monday!

There is a Silver Bullet to Save Education

Davidson College Gets $45K for Expansion

How to Use Social Events to Improve Your Culture

First Impressions Are Everything, Hyatt CEO Says

In Defence of Idleness

Music and the Brain

Why One Teacher Abandoned the Flipped Classroom in Favor of Project-Based Learning

Chinese Educator Recommends that Boys Start School Later than Girls

The Mouse Faces Extinction As Computer Interaction Evolves

Nearpod App Can Hold Students' Attention During Lessons

Concerns About Online Learning for Special Ed

Full-Contact Teaching:  Connecting with Hearts and Minds

Why and How Schools Should Change

Teacher Expectations Can Influence How Students Perform

How Self-Expression Damaged My Students

Curriculum Changes Include Emphasis on Critical Thinking

Social Media and Edmodo

21st Century Schools or 21st Century Learning?

Software Allows for Virtual Frog Dissections (Supported by PETA)

Why Educators Aren't Sold on Video Games

Report Recommends Shift to Digital Educational Resources Within Five Years

Step Away from that Textbook,0,4689883.story

Schools Return to Basics to Teach Handwriting

What Caused the Drop in SAT Scores

A Call for Schools to Teach Financial Literacy

New Typing Method

Why Wikipedia Does Belong in the Classroom

20 States Consider "Parent Trigger" Laws

Building a Positive and Trusting Classroom Environment

Classroom Pets

Should Teachers Be Allowed to Sell Lesson Plans

NJ and Longer School Day

Stifling the Special Education Stigma in Verona and Cedar Groves, NJ

NJ School District Partners with Fairleigh Dickinson on Teacher Training

Khan Academy and the Benefits of Education Technology

Teaching Technology as it Changes

Exercise Does a Brain Good

More Students Enrolling in Advanced Math and Science

Teaching Social Skills in School

Why Long Lectures are Ineffective

Recasting Teachers and Students as Designers

Education Chief Wants Textbooks to Go Digital


From 7 May 2012

50 Resources for iPad Use in the Classroom

Sometimes It’s Easier To Get Into a Private School Than Get Out of the Contract (read this one!)

Tony Schwartz on Twelve Things Learned on the Eve of His 60th Birthday

Taking Email Vacations Can Reduce Stress, Study Says  (!!)

Keeping Secrets on Facebook

Many Colleges Still Accepting Applications for the Fall

Got a Computer?  Get a Degree

The Campus Tsunami

Retired Military Officers Teaching at Ivy League Schools

College Bound and Glad to Have Decision Made

Elite Colleges and Wall Street’s Recruiting Machine

The “Harvard of DeVry’s” Stikes Back at Stephen Colbert

IQ Points for Sale, Cheap

Disruptions:  Indiscreet Photos Glimpsed, Then Gone

How to Get Refunds When You Book Travel

In Praise of Irrational Innovators

NJSIAA Financial Problems

Packer Collegiate in Brooklyn article in NY Times

For Hard of Hearing, Clarity out of the Din

The Surprising Shortcut to Better Health

How To Muddy Your Tracks on the Internet

The Outsourced Life

Jobs Few, Grads Flock to Unpaid Internships
AP Surges As Tool for Schools Raising Standards

Five-Minute Film Festival:  Teacher Appreciation

The Algebra Problem

Do Schools Allow Enough Time for Lunch?

Teacher Uses Online Sources to Teach Current Events

Parents of Underage Facebookers Should Be Reported, Principal Says

Study Reports Flatulance Killed Dinosaurs

NBC Education Nation Hold Teacher Town Hall

Newark Academy and Delbarton in Tennis News



From 15 March 2012

Five Things American Schools Can Learn from the Rest of the World

How Can More Top Teachers Be Recruited Worldwide?

Obesity and Other Targets Of Childrens Museums

Fostering A Holistic Path to College

More College Students May Be Asked To Declare Sexual Orientation

Race and Beyond:  Income Divides the American College Campus

Can Brief Interventions Help Reduce Achievement Gaps?

Tension Over a Campus Gift, and a Potential Recipient

Roald Dahl Voted Best Author in Primary School Survey

Toy Could Help Brain-Injured People Communicate



From 8 March 2012

Survey:  Teacher Morale Sinks

Kellman Brown Students Bonding With Peers from Camden

Florida Prep School Copes with Loss

Solar Farm Nearly Complete at Lawrenceville

Stuart Students Create Video Game for National STEM Challenge

Stuart and STEM

DEAR at Ellison School

College Readiness:  Writing To Learn

AP College Arms Race:  How To Survive

New AP Courses to Emphasize Critical Thinking and Research

Spiraled Instruction, Stifled Learning

The Pace of Educational Change Quickens

Wanted:  Amazing Administrators

Survey Of Middle Schoolers:  Math and PE Favorite Subjects

Shortage of ADHD Drugs Felt in Classrooms

Growing Achievement Gaps Bring Focus on Poverty’s Role in Schooling

Public Schools Buy Students from Abroad

BYOD Teachers Talk Classroom Use

Apps In the Elementary Classroom

Lessons From 1-1 iPad Program

Why The Cloud Should Be Seen as a Utility Like Water

Facebook In the Classroom Just Got Apps

Check Out This Wearable Multi-Touch Projector

Brits Revise Homework Rules

Will Magnet Schools Make a Comeback?

Newark Project Aims To Link Living and Learning

What To Do When Young Employees Make Mistakes

Enhance Your Overseas Experience

Good Time To Be An Innovator

Private Schools In England Take on New Roles

High Schools In Australia Join the Fight Against Depression

Today’s Students Need Global Outlook (International Summit on Teaching)

Strategies To Help Struggling Readers

Apple Tries To Keep Edge with New iPad

Apple Updates iPad With Some Refinements

Scholastic Launches New E-Reading App for Kids

Modeling Ethical Conduct in the Classroom


From 5 March 2012

Websites for English/Language Arts Teachers

Free Websites for Teachers

Confessions of A Bad Teacher

Childist Nation:  Does America Hate Children?

Teaching Kids to Be Digital Citizens, Not Just Digital Natives

Teaching and Modeling Good Digital Citizenship

Doomed Or Lucky?  Predicting the Future of the Internet Generation

ADHD Students Get Help from iPad App

Teaching Chinese in the Digital Age,0,2307593.story

Arts Education Helps Improve Student Performance in All Areas, Study Says

Five Best Practices for the Flipped Classroom

When School Fights End Up on YouTube

Thinking Outside the Box, With Our Bodies and Our Brains

When Should Students Study Algebra?

Instruction for Masses Knocks Down Campus Walls

Test Students By Asking Them to Find, Assess Info

Remembering Our Favorite TV Teachers

Study Finds Charters Vary in Quality, Creativity

Critical Thinking:  A Necessary Skill in the Age of Spin

Bright Spots Shine in Blended Online Learning

Give This Teacher Extra Credit

Many Teachers Seek Resources for Common Core

What Homework Should Teachers Assign Themselves?

Study:  Principal Turnover Bodes Poorly for Schools

Dean at Princeton Wilson School Named as Brown U. New President

Girls and Vocal Fry

Educational Endowments Returned an Average of 19.5%

CIOs Must Fit the Cloud Into IT Strategy

The Silver Lining to Scarcity, It Drives Innovation

Online Staff Training

The Formerly Fun Tech World Is Now All Business

Is Your Power Going to Your Head?

A No-Excuses Leadership Learning Strategy

Learning To Be A Power Listener

Eight Leadership Myths Dispelled

Variety of Models Fuel Hybrid Charter Growth

Six Areas That Need Good Internal Controls

Five Things Women Should Never Say When Negotiating

Charitable Contributions and Lobbying

Don’t Compete With Colleagues, Embrace Them

Windows on the iPad, and Speedy

IT Execs Must Shift Security Approaches

EBooks On Tablets Fight Digital Distractions

Ellison School Puts Leap Day to Good Use

Delbarton Hockey in the News

Gill St. Bernard’s Basketball in the News

Seton Hall Prep Wrestling In the News

Couch Potatoes Rejoice!  Learning Can Be Passive

Why It’s So Important to Keep Moving



From 17 February 2012
Study:  Common Core Standards Will Not Affect Student Achievement

Arts Education:  A right and necessity (and music to my ears!)

Harvard’s Liberal Arts Failure is Wall Street Gain

Cultivating Student Leadership

Science Fairs Go Online

Technology Opens Up New Worlds For Children With Autism

Kent Place School Students Meet with Congressman

Princeton Fair Promotes Sustainability, Learning

How Will Google’s New Privacy Policies Affect Schools

Study Looks At Sports With High Concussion Rates for Teens

Daniel Pink Speaks Out on Merit Pay

Nagler Launches Online Program for Educators



From 10 February 2012

Rethinking Testing in the Age of the iPad

Pennington School Student Profiled on the Today Show

The Upside of Dyslexia

Failure Week at Top Girls School To Build Resiliance

Should Home Schoolers Play For The High School Team?

School District Seeing Improvement in Math Scores with Video Game

Pilot Program Uses Mobile Devices to Help Students Learn

Blended Learning and How Technology Benefits Students with Learning Differences

Special Educators Borrow From Brain Research

Congress and Cyber Security

How to Integrate Google+ in the Classroom

Study:  US Gaming Population Nearly Tripled in Three Years

Education Gap Grows Between Rich and Poor

International Students Pay Top Dollar at US Colleges

Parents Test Murky Line on Neglect

Tuba Raids Plague California Schools

Study Explores Electrical Stimulation As Aid To Memory

Ruling To Dismiss Poly Prep Sex Case Postponed

Scroll Down for Pat Bassett’s Response to the Suze Orman comment about Independent Schools


From 8 February 2012:

Schools Mix and Match Online, Open Source, and Print Resources

Students Go Global Thanks to Technology

Like It Or Not, Facebook Can Get Teachers Fired

Social Network Squag Aims to Be a Safe Place for Autistic Kids,0,7039973.story

Common School Program Reduces Bullying

Student Developers Attend White House Science Fair

Obama Speaks at White House Science Fair

Working With Parents

America’s Next Top Engineer:  She Needs Your Role Models

Can Music Improve Behavior?

Educators and Teachers Hold Mixed View on Testing

Eligible Students Missing AP Exams

Some Schools Buck Costs of High Tuition  (This writer needs to know about NJ!)

Reading a Book Adds a Year to Children’s Education

What Did the Top 1% Study in College

Chess Deserves a Place in the Schools

Teaching Through Gaming

Epistemic Games Are the Future of Learning, Letting Students Role Play

Ten Websites for Science Teachers

Everyday Failures But a Narrative of Success (bumps along the road of being a teacher)

Young Women’s Conference at Brentwood School

Leaders Should Be Philosophers

Do Your Workers Know When It’s Okay to Unplug?

Meet China’s Mark Zuckerberg

Obesity Group Launches $500,000 Contest for Physical Activity Programs

BYOT Article

NJSIAA Moving to Have Sectional Playoffs, Not States, For Nonpublics

St. Augustine College Prep in Sports News

Ranney Head Wins CASE Award

Closing School for Diwali

Tips for Teaching Dickens (and if you can get to the exhibit at the Morgan Library in NYC, it’s really well done!)

Every Pupil Should Read Dickens…

Study on Shouting Out in Class

Can Too Much Texting Make Teens Shallow?

Staten Island to Get One of Country’s First Net-Zero Energy Schools



From 1 February 2012

Maybe Private School is Cheaper Than Ritalin

Differentiated Instruction Revisited

When Learning Languages, Motivation Matters Most

What Can US Schools Learn From Foreign Counterparts?

Small Schools Work

Learning A Language Other Than English—“Getting By” With Languages Isn’t Enough

Research Looks at How Humor Affects A Child’s Brain

Obama Wants To Speed Digital Transition

Ideas For Celebrating Digital Learning Day

Digital Learning Day

Talking with Parents About Diversity

Review of Understanding Diversity, Opportunity Gaps, and Teaching in Today’s

Classrooms: Start Where You Are, but Don’t Stay There

Black History Month:  Background and Resources

Too Big To Know: David Weinberger Explains How Knowledge Works in the Internet Age

Are Electronic Media Making Us Less (Or More) Literate?

Google Launches New Redesigned Education Site

Virtual Schools On the Rise But Are They Right for K-12 Students?

Using Research to Predict Great Teachers

Everyone Says Principals Need to Be Instructional Leaders—But What Does That Mean?

Setting Off and Sustaining Sparks of Curiosity and Creativity

Ordinary Teenagers, Extraordinary Results

Kids Haven’t Changed, Kindergarten Has

From Math Helper to Community Organizer

New Teacher Academy:  Delivery of Instruction

Want To Get Into College?  Learn To Fail

Playwright Margaret Edson Sees Lessons in Teaching “Wit”

MET Project Policy and Practice Brief from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Gathering Feedback for Teaching:  Combining High-Quality Observations with Student Surveys

And Achievement Gains

Where Do Women Rank in Global-Business Leadership Roles?

Jim Hensen’s Legacy Lives On in Collaboration and Experimentation

Leadership Success Is No Longer Measured By Money or Power

Finding the Right Place To Start Change

Leading Change:  Why Transformation Efforts Fail

Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance


From 23 January 2012

iPads in Classroom Provide 20% Jump in Math Scores, Study Says

Blogs vs. Term Papers

States to Teach Digital Literacy with Online Program

US Schools Forge Foreign Connections Via the Web

How Teachers Use Twitter for Professional Development

Apple to Sell Electronic Textbooks for iPads

Creating Engaging Lessons with Mobile Technology

Are Students Too Reliant on Calculators?

Boys vs. Girls:  Do They Learn Differently?

Ways To Study Literature Collaboratively

How to Address Creative Yet Difficult Students
What Makes An Effective Educator

Is the International Baccalaureate Program Anti-American?

Using Metaphors To Help Students Think Abstractly

How are Schools Using and Protecting Student Data

What Does Schecter Decline Mean?

Princeton Day School Kicks Off Health and Wellness Week

How to Manage Your Stress

Treat Your Workers Like Family

Leadership Tips from John le Carre

Delbarton Hockey in the News



From 20 January 2012

Admissions 101:  Do Legacies Make Private Schools Look Good in Admissions?

Ed Department Seeks Ways To Stem Cheating on Standardized Tests

Moorestown Friends Students Take on Roles as Republican Presidential Candidates

Doane Academy in Sports News

New Praise in American Schools Emphasizing Hard Work But Not Perfect Scores

Nine Things You Didn’t Know About Twitter

Study:  Educational Apps for Young Children Growing Rapidly

Study Questions Gender Gap in Math

Apple Launches iBooks Software to Deliver Interactive Textbooks to Students on iPads

Reinventing Textbooks:  A Hard Course

Teenagers Sharing Passwords As a Show of Affection

Technology Enhances Study of Chinese at NJ School

Is It Time To Toot Someone Else’s Horn

Always Put the Enterprise Ahead of the Individual

How Apple Links Secrecy to Productivity

Tout Wants To Tame Your Inbox

Good Instruction Activates Prior Knowledge and Uses Authentic Assessment

Five-By-Five Approach to Differentiation Success

Tips for Designing and Using Rubrics

Classroom Management

Designing the 21st Century K-12 Classroom

Supreme Court Declines Cases on Student Internet Speech

UNIS Chief Quits Amid Flap

Schools Strive for Pupils’ Happiness

Predictions of What 2011 Would Be Like in a 1911 Newspaper

Non-Profits Added Jobs Faster Than Businesses in Past Decade



From 3 January 2012

A Time To Tune Out

The Joy of Quiet

Ten Edu-Stories We’ll Be Reading in 2012

Should Teachers Stop Lecturing?

Don’t Prevent Students’ Mistakes, Prepare for Them

How To Check for Deeper Understanding and Engage All Students

The Fourth “R” for 21st Century Literacy

Study Abroad Allows For Mastery of Language

Teacher Brings Travel Lessons to Classroom,0,3944823.story?track=rss&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+latimes%2Fnews%2Flocal+%28L

French for Hispophones

Ten Donors To Watch in 2012

Merit Pay in DC Schools

Power in Numbers

Crowd-Sourced Science-112 Years and Counting

Software Allows Teachers to Create Mini-Social Networks

There’s A Right Way for Teachers and Students to Use Social Media Together

Five Tips for Teachers to Navigate Facebook Features and Risks

Five Ed-Tech Themes in 2011

Teens Tutor Senior Citizens in Technology

Sex Education for Teens Online Via Text

Online Program to Teach Personal Finance

New Year’s Resolutions to Parent By

Lots of Exercise May Boost Kids’ Grades

Strive for Results, Not Accolades

Left-Handedness No Longer Suspect, Still a Mystery,0,6967662.story

Can Studying Violin Help Prepare Students for Kindergarten?

Can You Pick the Strad?

Are Children in the UK Becoming Addicted to Computers?

Teaching Students Worldwide to Plan for the Year Ahead

The Central Falls Success

Protests Against Charter Schools

Educator Videotaped Boys in the Shower At NJ Catholic School For Three Years

John Katzman’s Article:  Will Your College Survive?

Interesting Reading for Heads and College Counselors



From 19 December 2011

Free Online Courses Are Expanded at MIT

College Early Admission is Tougher Than Ever

Virtual Schools Booming As States Mull Warnings

Are Colleges Preparing Teachers for Online Education?

Can iPads Help Schools Differentiate Instruction

Is Enough Being Done to Prevent Cyberbullying?

School Bullying Report Makes Recommendations to Address Issue, Support Victims

Rules to Limit How Teachers and Students Interact Online

Six Social Media Trends for 2012

Social Media Sneaks in Facial Recognition

Should Computer Science Be Required in K-12?

Wearing Your Computer on Your Sleeve

Four Keys For Identifying Students for STEM Studies

AIDS Case and School Admissions

How To Ensure the Success of Teacher Teams

Universities Rush to Keep Their Brand Off XXX Porn Sites

Cornell Receives $350 Million to Support Technology Campus

The Truth About Wealth

The Eleven Leadership Styles You Must Avoid

Your Use of Pronouns Reveals Your Personality

Five Things You Should Stop Doing in 2012

How To Accomplish More By Doing Less

Six Steps Successful People Take

How Will You Measure Your Life?

Eight Ways to a Healthier Workday

The New Ivies 2011

Are there More People With Autism or More People Diagnosed with Autism?

Babby Krents, Dalton’s Admissions Director



From 16 December 2011

Bassett Blog:  Character Counts

Child Sexual Abuse:  Guidelines and NAIS Webinar on 11 January at noon

Online Learning:  A White Paper from the Online School for Girls

Australian Schools Find Success with Some Online Learning

Families Share their Experiences with Virtual Schools

Seven Key Questions To Ask When Evaluating Online Learning Options

Creativity in the Elementary School Classroom

When Learning World Languages, Motivation Matters Most

Broadband, Social Networks, and Mobility Have Spawned a New Kind of Learner

What is College For?

Marijuana Use Growing Among Teens

Is Technology Making It Easier for Students to Cheat?

High School Personal Finance Course

Five Ways To Save American Education

Assessment:  Measuring What Matters

A CEO’s Guide to Social Media

Lego Launches $40 Million Bid to Get Girls Hooked

Why Innovation Can’t Fix America’s Classrooms

Innovation and Best Practices Then and Now

Teaching Innovation Key to Propelling Economy

The Power of Student Feedback

New Frontiers in Formative Assessment

The Benefits of Co-Teaching Partnership

Field-Science Program Grows with Push for STEM Education

Launching An iPad 1-1 Program:  A Primer

Teachers are Increasingly Making Home Visits

How Music Is Good For Your Brain

How Would You Brand 21st Century Teachers?

Chewing Gum May Improve Test Scores

From Differentiated Instruction to Differentiated Assessment

Is the Socratic Teaching Method Still Relevant?

Technology Beckons Classes, But Some Schools Lag

Using Twitter in High School Classrooms

Online Learning.  Choice, Yes.  But Is It a Good One?

Educators Look for Resources, New Programs Amid STEM Push

How Fundraisers Can Use Seduction Techniques

Seven Things Highly Productive People Do

Nine Things That Motivate Employees More Than Money

Four Ways To Avoid Brand Suicide

Ten Tips From Successful Small Business Owners

How’re States Addressing Autism?

How to Start a Successful Virtual Learning Program

From 13 December 2011

From Finland, An Intriguing School-Reform Model

Classroom Management During the Holidays

Favorite Freebies

YouTube Launches Education-Only Option for Teachers Worldwide

Fostering A Culture of Inquiry|newswell|text||p

High Tech Printer Brings Students to Engineering Class

Some California Educators Teach LGBT Lessons Ahead of Law

From 12 December 2011

Blueprint for Leadership:  Show, Don’t Tell

Google Lauches YouTube for Schools

Bad Online Behavior Jeopardizes College Acceptance

Debate Over Online Schooling is Under Way in NJ

Web Tutors Become Stars Far From the Classroom

Social Media Belongs in the Classroom

Why I Hire People Who Fail

The One Question You Should Ask Every Potential Hire

Five Public Relations Mistakes You Are Making

Class Matters.  Why Won’t We Admit It?

Why Heads Are So Vital To Their School

The Art of Listening

In Some US Schools, Librarians Are No Longer Saying “SHHH”

PE, Recess Requirements Lead to Increased Physical Activity in Schools

The Academic Linguistics of LOL-Speak

Developing Best Practices for Digital Media

Top Ten Benefits for Using Free Software in Education

Project-Based Learning for Digital Citizens

Teachers Share Thoughts on Student Achievement

Five Ways to Flip Your Classroom with the NY Times

Private School Admissions Directors Offer Advice on Completing Applications

Study:  Special Ed Costs Less at Private Schools

 From 7 December 2011

Financial Aid Not Always Going to the Neediest College Students

Why Does the SAT Endure?

Lessons From Abroad

Teachers Become Producers of Education Technology

Students Are Building Apps in High School Computer Class

Study:  Students With Smartphones Study More Often

The Components of a Good Ethical/Character Education Program

Classroom Management Suggestions

Friendly Advice for Teachers:  Beware of Facebook

Five Best Practices for Educators on Facebook

Does Class Size Matter?

States’ and Anti-Bullying

Using Student Data to Inform Teaching

Literary Greats Answer High School Student Question on Symbolism, 1963

What’s Behind a Temper Tantrum?  Scientists Deconstruct the Screams

Leave Your Kids Alone:  A Free-Range Parenting Journey

 From 5 December 2011:

STEAM:  Advocates Make the Case for Arts to Be Included with STEM
How Teachers Can Improve Student Behavior

What Does the Common Core Require of English Teachers?

Learning Chinese In Private Schools

How To Use Blocks to Teach

Online Learning, Personalized

Should Parents Be Allowed To Observe Classrooms?

Are the Accomplishments of Veteran Teachers Overlooked?

How to Handle High-Pressure Negotiations

Innovation in the Board Room—The Time is Now

The Most Powerful Question for Motivating Creativity in Your Company

Ten Ways to Reward Employees

Four Zen Habits to Help You Get More Done

Novels About Private School Life

From 22 November 2011

Online High School with Stanford Affiliation

Kahn Academy Opens Its Virtual Doors—Carefully

Seven Tips for Overcoming Teacher Burnout (Especially During Holiday Season)

Thomas Friedman:  How About Better Parents?

National Standards on Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy for Elementary Students

Bringing Lanuages To Life in the Classroom

Seven Smart Google Translate Tips

Unearthing the Surprises Within a Child’s Mind

Learning to Play the Game to Get Into College

From 15 November 2011

50 Years of Stupid Grammar

Some Colleges Moving to Online Instruction for World Language

What Spurs Students to Stay in College and Learn?  Good Teaching and Diversity

Why the Liberal Arts Need the Sciences and Vice Versa

 From 14 November 2011

How to Creatively Integrate Science and Math

A Day in the Life of a Flipped Classroom

My Teacher is an App.  Huge increase in online learning

What Gifted Students Need from You

Latin Teacher Revives Language with Online Game;_ylt=A2KLJlmSW71O2nsAiwOs0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTNtdWUyOTRwBG1pdANUb3BTdG9ye

Arne Duncan Calls for Financial Literacy Classes to Start in Kindergarten

Should Financial Literacy Be Taught in Schools?

Play in the Early Years

Praise the Effort Not the Intelligence, Study Supports

How to Define Good Teaching

How To Think Creatively

Process Method for Critical-Thinking Skills

Nine Things Successful People Do Differently

Traits of Lousy Leaders

15 Signs You’ll Raise A Genius

Tony Wagner on What Makes Finland An Education Leader

What Can We Learn From Finland?

What Other Countries Are Really Doing, Take Two

What Is Behind China’s Education Success?

French Homework Website

Ten Ways Schools Are Using Social Media Effectively

Scholars Put Civics in Same Category as Literacy and Math

How Music Changes Our Brains

Private Schools in the Suburbs Tapping Into Manhattan Market

Using Twitter With Teens

Online App for Aspergers Kids

A Waldorf School In Silicon Valley Where Technology Can Wait

Gate Says Teacher Evaluation System Should Be Modeled on Private Sector

How To Lose Your Temper Productively

Are You Behaving Like A Spoiled Toddler?  We Need More Mature Leaders

Power of Positive Coaching  IQ Isn’t Set in Stone.  Study Suggests Big Jumps and Dips in Teens,0,4545082.story

Changes in IQ Correlate With Brain Changes in Teens

Schools Offer Online Classes, But Challenges Remain

This is Your Brain on Facebook

Program Prompts Inclusion of Environmental Education in Curriculum
High-Tech Library in Chicago Designed to Boost Student Literacy
YouTube for Educators
Experts Are Learning More About Babies Growing Up Bilingual (good for world language teachers)
Changing the Name from “Foreign Language” to “World Language”
Does the Flipped Instructional Model Improve Learning?
How is Technology Changing Today’s School Libraries?
Three Brain-Based Teaching Strategies to Build Executive Function in Students

Can Online Tutoring Work As Well as Face-to-Face
PA Teacher Writes a Book on New Way to Teach Math
Tracking Student Progress After High School  (may be related to new model core standard)  Why True Leadership Involves Less Talking and More Listening
Bullying Prevention

Teachers’ Vital Mission (I like this article!)

20 Things Students Want the Nation to Know About Education

To Hover Over Homework, Parents Go Online

BetterLesson Grabs $1.6 Million To Let Educators Find and Share the Best Lesson Plans

Article on Carol Dweck and Mindset

What It Really Means to Teach Critical Thinking

Tips for Avoiding User Errors With Computers (I learned a new term:  PICNIC!)

Is There a Connection Between Learning and Classroom Lighting?

Cheap is Now A Badge of Honor


Schooling the Neighbors
The Gringo Next Door, directed by HabibYazdi and Javier Pabon

This film explores the miscommunication between two neighbors in large part due to the cultural differences (or perceived differences) between their families. Perfect for an icebreaker activity at a diversity event, this film touches on stereotypes and misconceptions about Mexican Americans. Independent filmmakers Habib Yazdi and Javier Pabon use humor to identify cultural barriers between a Mexican family and its white neighbor. From cooking dinner to talking to children about relationships, this short fifteen-minute film manages to capture the essence of many Americans' perceptions of each other. The filmmakers debuted this film at the Latin American Film Festival in Durham, North Carolina. Clips from the film can be found at the link above. For copies of the film, those who are interested should email the filmmaker at  (From the Klingenstein newsletter)


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