Membership Requirements



1.  The prospective school submits the membership application form, a $750 application fee, and provides the supplementary data requested.

2.  The Executive Director and a member of the NJAIS Membership Committee will make a site visit to be introduced to the school.  This visit will include a tour of the school facility as well as meetings with the Head of School, a few Trustees, some administrators, a few faculty members, a few parents, and some students, grades 5 and above.

3.  Upon completion of the visit, a report will be given to the full Membership Committee, which, in turn, will make a recommendation to the NJAIS Board of Trustees.

4.  The NJAIS Executive Director will notify the prospective school of the decision of the NJAIS Board of Trustees. 


A Candidate Member School

  • Demonstrates the ability to meet all NJAIS major standards with the aim of becoming an accredited member.

  • If a school is NOT accredited at the time of the membership application, it has up to three years to initiate the accreditation process.  Until the school is accredited, it is potentially admitted to NJAIS as a "provisional member."

  • NJAIS schools are all non-profit, holding a 501(c)3 IRS designation.


NJAIS charges annual membership dues to all its member schools.  Dues are based on the size of the school.  Please ask the Executive Director for specific information.


By accepting membership in NJAIS, a member school agrees to:

  • Pay annual dues to NJAIS by 1 July of each year.
  • Ensure that the school is either in the accreditation process or fully accredited.
  • Promptly notify NJAIS of any significant changes at the school and schedule a significant change visit.
  • Complete the Annual Update and Directory Update each year.
  • Submit data through Data Analysis for School Leadership (DASL) by the annual due date communicated through the NJAIS office.  (Please note that this is required whether your school is a member of NAIS or not.)
  • Support NJAIS-sponsored events through attendance and/or providing workers or facilities for the events.
  • Provide personnel to serve on accreditation teams.
  • Be guided by the Principles of Good Practice for NJAIS.



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