Benefits of Membership

Benefits of Membership


Since 1995, NJAIS has been accrediting its member schools throughout New Jersey. NJAIS provides:

  • A standards-based accreditation program for each member school every ten years.

  • Trained peer evaluators from other independent schools in New Jersey or other states. NJAIS accreditation teams include highly respected teachers and administrators.

  • Detailed reports on school visits to aid in school improvement and guide program development and strategic planning for schools.

  • Personalized professional staff support for individual schools preparing for accreditation visits.

  • Cooperative accreditation agreements with the American Montessori Society, Association of Waldorf Schools, and Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges.

  • An accreditation program recognized internationally by the International Counsel Advancing Independent School Accreditation (ICAISA, formerly the NAIS Commission on Accreditation).


With a tradition of excellence in the area of professional development, NJAIS continually strives to offer innovative learning events on a full range of topics using a variety of formats. Grounded in best practices and tailored to current and future needs of independent schools, we offer many events throughout the year that include:

  • Conferences featuring leading international experts in education and related fields.  

  • An annual Trustee Enrichment Day for members of the Board of Trustees at schools, along with other school administrators. 

  • Leadership Institute that helps train teachers and administrators for further leadership roles in independent schools. 

  • Day-long workshops, each with a focus on current trends and research in varied educational topics.

  • Round tables that provide for an extended conversation around specific issues.

  • A formal leadership role for teachers through service as the school's NJAIS representative to the Professional Development Committee or as their school's PD Liaison.

  • Updated and ever-changing resources on the NJAIS website. 

  • An annual workshop dedicated to Instructional Skills (for new and experienced teachers and administrators).

  • An annual conference for Heads of School.

  • An annual conference for Admissions Officers.

  • An annual conference for Finance Officers.

  • An annual conference for Development Officers.

  • The opportunity to serve on accreditation visiting teams.

  • A career center with job listings on the NJAIS website.

  • Consultations with NJAIS staff members or retired Heads of School and retired Business Managers through the "Encore Series."

  • Active listservs for affinity groups that provide a forum for professional exchange of information.


NJAIS engages in public advocacy that protects the independence of its member schools from governmental regulation.

  • As a member of the NJ Nonpublic Advisory Council, NJAIS provides members substantive legislative information.

  • NJAIS coordinates with the Catholic Conference at the state level representing the interests of independent schools in the state.

  • The NJAIS Executive Director provides synthesis and analysis of legislative information.

  • NJAIS is recognized as a premier accrediting body in New Jersey for independent schools.

  • Yearly non-discrimination advertisement published in the Star-Ledger.

  • Member Schools Directory provides links from the NJAIS website to your school. This means prospective parents get access to your school through NJAIS.

  • Participation in joint marketing efforts to increase the visibility of NJAIS schools.


Clear, accurate, informative data is essential for planning, implementation, and evaluation of programs. NJAIS communicates with members regularly through several venues that include:

  • Listservs for target constituency groups.

  • A library of resources on our website, including monographs on topics germane to independent school leadership, governance, and operations.

  • Research-based collection of regional statistics on enrollment tuition, salaries, budgets, annual giving, enrollment, attrition, etc.  This report is shared with Heads of School only.

  • Periodic communications to Heads of Schools containing professional and legal information, as well as news from member schools.

  • Legal advice at a discounted rate through Hatfield Schwartz Law Group.

  • Collective insurance purchasing through The Garden Group.
  • Reduced rate purchasing through WB Mason.


NJAIS provides direct and immediate support for members who are confronting difficult issues as well as in-depth and sustained support in developing programs of excellence. NJAIS offers consultations on the following topics.

  • Governance issues, conflict management, and strategic planning

  • Mentoring programs for teachers, facilitating teacher services committees, and supporting teacher representatives by the Director of Professional Development

  • Visiting team training workshops and accreditation Steering Committee training by the Director of Accreditation


Opportunity for NJAIS member secondary schools to play in the Prep Tournaments


Equally important, if less tangible, are the many opportunities for collegiality and networking that come from association with peers in other independent schools across the state of New Jersey and regionally.The opportunity to develop lasting professional and personal relationships with others who do your work in similar independent schools is particularly rewarding as you have the chance to share and learn about the best practices in peer schools in our area.

NJAIS members have immediate access to a strong network of colleagues committed to supporting one another in advancing all aspects of the independent school experience.

  • A democratic governance structure with representation on the NJAIS Board of Trustees

  • Liaison with and access to national, regional, and state associations such as the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), The Council for American Private Education (CAPE), and a variety of other independent school organizations.

  • Assistance with marketing through strong advocacy for independent education.

  • Fellowship with colleagues at events including the Heads Lunch Bunch.