Why Choose an NJAIS School

NJAIS schools represent a diverse group of schools, each of which has its own mission and culture.   For all of their diversity and widely varying approaches, NJAIS-member schools have certain characteristics in common. Each is governed by a Board of Trustees, and is a nonprofit organization.  NJAIS schools are independent in governance and finance, and have stated policies of non-discrimination.  Each fosters a culture of learning in every area of school life:  in classrooms and laboratories, on playing fields, stages, in concerts and in music practice rooms, and art studios.

There are day schools and boarding schools; small and large schools; non-sectarian and religiously affiliated.  NJAIS schools are located all over the state of New Jersey, off many exits.  Go to the "Find a Member School" section of this website and learn more about schools near you.

Why look at an NJAIS school? Families who place a high value on education should seriously consider an independent school. There are few things in life that we can give our children that will last forever.  An education that creates a lifelong learner is certainly one of them.  It is rare that a student discovers a love of learning after he or she has been admitted to Princeton!

Truly fine independent school options exist in in New Jersey.  And, when you decide to choose an NJAIS school, you will be stepping up to a key parental responsibility: to guide, support, and encourage your child toward the very best that his or her life may offer.  Is there a better investment in the future than finding the right independent school for your child's education?