School Ranking



NJAIS Opposes the Ranking of Schools

The New Jersey Association of Independent Schools welcomes and encourages the diversity of its member schools, vigorously supporting the principle of independence that allows each school to clarify its values and to develop differentiated programs that best suit the varied interests, abilities, goals, and needs of its students and their families.  NJAIS member schools value the individuality of each student, as well as the uniqueness of each of our campus communities, and we recognize that students are well served when their families seek and find the best school “match” for each of their children.  Because no two schools—or students—are exactly alike, parents and students are inescapably obligated to make choices based on their own thoughtful observations and reflections. 

Accordingly, we believe that neither member schools nor prospective families derive benefit from ranking systems that evaluate schools using narrowly focused and simplistic criteria, and very often erroneous or dated data.  We therefore recommend that our schools do not participate in such rankings and that applicant families do not rely on any rankings as accurate indicators of educational quality.  Visit the schools and judge for yourself!