Instructional Excellence Workshop:

Designing Diverse Learning Experiences with the Science of Learning in Mind

For: New and Veteran Classroom Teachers

Tuesday, August 18 - Thursday, August 20, 2020

9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Includes both synchronous and asynchronous formats
(Daily schedule subject to change)

Decades of cognitive science research demonstrates that learners encode, store, and retrieve memories in similar ways as they critically think, make decisions, problem-solve, and develop their conceptual understandings and skill sets. To encourage and support all students’ cognitive, social, and emotional growth, the role of teachers is to design a diverse repertoire of learning experiences that require students to “think to learn” and respond to ongoing feedback that moves their learning forward. This workshop explores the many ways teachers can design learning in different contexts based on best-practice research about how children learn.

This 3-day workshop for K-12 teachers will explore the current understanding of how children learn and investigate an array of teaching strategies and assessment techniques based on these learning principles. Participants will derive principles of effective learning, including the role of learner beliefs and mindsets in influencing that effectiveness. Using the lens of cognitive science, the workshop will examine how these understandings and strategies are applied in different contexts, both in the classroom and online.


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$450 per registrant, NonMember Schools

Workshop Leader:

Kevin Mattingly, PhD

Director of PLUSSED+

Kevin Mattingly has been a science teacher, administrator and athletic coach for more than 35 years in junior high and high schools. He has been involved for over twenty-five years with teacher professional development programs at Teachers College Columbia University and is an adjunct associate professor in the Department of Organization and Leadership. There, he teaches graduate courses on learning theory and its implications for curriculum design, assessment and classroom instruction. Mattingly is the co-author of the popular edX MOOC, “The Science of Learning: What Every Teacher Should Know” developed by the Klingenstein Center at Teachers College in conjunction with the Columbia University Center for Teaching. He has also taught courses in learning at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education.

Over the years Mattingly helped found a school (Milton Academy’s Mountain School), consulted on several systemic school reform initiatives, and worked with over fifty public and private schools through professional learning workshops as a leader and advisor. In addition, he has been involved in a variety of summer remedial and enrichment academic programs for students from New York City, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Trenton and other urban areas. He has also worked with teachers and schools about the practical implications of cognitive science in China, Vietnam, Tanzania and India. Besides his teaching at Columbia, he is currently the Director of the Co-Curriculum for Riverdale Country School in North Bronx, New York. Before that he was Dean of Faculty and also Director of Teaching and Learning at the Lawrenceville School (NJ). Mattingly holds a PhD in Biology from Indiana University (IN).

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